Dark Matter season 3 episode 7 review: Six’s story; what’s with the Android?

Dark Matter season 3 episode 7 reviewFellow members of the Raza crew, are you ready to dive into the latest Dark Matter episode? Given that tonight’s installment was largely about Six, we knew that this was going to be dramatic.

The episode began virtually where we left off last week, as many of the people at Six’s station were crumpled-up bodies on the ground. When the team found him, he was barely alive — thank The Android for finding a way to bring him back? (Does her resuscitation qualify as our badass Android moment of the week? Let’s hope.)

When Six came to, he was briefed by Two and The Android as to some of what was going on. However, at the same time this was a guy with utterly no memory of what transpired with him. The problem is that some of the stuff that he did remember was somewhat foreign to him — including that he had a wife and son. He claimed that these may have been members that he had before he went into stasis, and this started to raises some more questions … including whether or not he’d stick to his original mission. Six clearly has changed somewhat since he left the team; was the neurotoxin causing him to become different than he once was? The last thing anyone wants is a Four situation going down here.

The more we learned about these “memories,” the more heartbreaking that it was — including that his wife apparently wanted to leave him over his work commitments. The further things went along, the more that his lines started to blur between his supposed past and his present. There was desperation for him to get better from Five and others, but he wasn’t getting any better.

Oh, and here is your twist

Basically, what we were seeing here is one of the world’s oddest forms of virtual reality. Six wasn’t actually even on the Raza ship, and instead, there was an avatar that was jumping all over the place. This Six seemed to think that he was Six, but it wasn’t quite the case. All of that seemed to come to a head when “Six” really started to lose his cool and started beating down Three on board the ship. This was crazy, intense, and fairly scary for the first time given that you had the team having to face off against someone they thought they could trust — even if it wasn’t him.

The good news is that the Raza crew is still very good at coming to the rescue, and they were able to do that. Eventually, the real Six was able to find a way to break free of his simulation, but the problem there was that he found himself in turn killed … or did he? In what may be the show’s strangest twist-within-a-twist ever, Six was actually helping to run the simulation that was in turn a simulation. He was able to take out his captors, and as he returned to the Raza proper, he was able to label the real enemy: Nieman of Ferrous Corp. He told the team that they needed pick a side in the ongoing war, and it needed to not be allowing Ferrous to run rampant.

The aftermath of everything

After Three paid a visit to Sarah, Two also stopped by and had a chance to see her new-found garden, a world that she had the ability to create that was her own. However, that wasn’t enough for, and we understand that given that she was in her own created consciousness. This was hardly real, and was mostly a different form of the worlds that Six found himself in.

Now, cliffhanger time: The Android wandered around the ship, briefly considered taking out Three with a gun, and then walked away. What was going on here? Is she under control of someone else?

Overall Take

Let’s give all the praise at the moment to Roger Cross, who delivered a really great performance in his first full episode in a while. He explored Six’s history, him making peace with his past, and also him figuring out the right path forward.

We do wish that we had a longer cliffhanger with The Android, but hey: We cannot complain much about another very strong Dark Matter episode. Grade: B+.

As we move forward…

You can check out a preview for the next new episode of Dark Matter over at the link here, and we absolutely recommend that you do that.

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