Raven’s Home episode 1 spoilers: How it all begins (again)

Raven's Home episode 1Raven’s Home episode 1 is airing on the Disney Channel next week, and if you’ve got a hankering for all things nostalgia, this may suffice. You’ll see an older version of Raven-Symone’s character, on where she is a mother alongside Chelsea and the two are trying to raise their kids without a whole lot of support. Oh, and did we mention that Raven’s son has some of the same powers that she did? It’s a premise that feels familiar, but it’s current enough that it should resonate in 2017.

The big challenge for Raven’s Home is the same one that Girl Meets World had when it was on the air — appealing to longtime fans of the franchise while also attracting a new audience. We won’t know whether or not it succeeds until the show premieres, but for now, we can go ahead and offer up some additional insight into what is coming up on the series moving forward.

Let’s present some teasers here in stages, starting with the one for the series as a whole in the event that you haven’t seen that before now:

“Raven’s castmate Anneliese van der Pol also reprises her role of free-spirited Chelsea in the new series, which finds the longtime best friends each divorced with kids of their own. The single moms come together to help raise their children – Raven’s 11-year-old twins Booker and Nia, Chelsea’s 9-year-old son Levi – in one chaotic, but fun household that often includes the twin’s best friend and neighbor Tess. Raven still catches glimpses of the future, but she’s not the only one in the family who does – Booker has the same ability. While Booker uses his newly found power to try and make sense of middle school and his new family life, Raven uses her power to help her be a better mom, a great fashion designer and an awesome friend. Hilarity ensues as Raven and Booker’s visions collide, but no matter the situation, they figure everything out together as one big happy family.”

Meanwhile, the specific details for the first episode, entitled “Baxter’s Back,” suggest that Booker is going to be doing everything in his power to convince people that his abilities are real:

“Booker enlists Levi and Tess to help him convince Nia of his newfound abilities to see into the future. Meanwhile, Raven’s latest vision involves a family disagreement that leads her to meddle in her kids’ life at school.”

The thing to remember here with Raven is that she’s of course going to meddle at times — she’s a mother, and with that, she has that instinct to want the absolute best for them. Sometimes, there’s a bit of a conflict between what she wants to do in the moment and what is right, but that’s pretty par for the course for shows like this.

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Meanwhile, head over here to get some additional details right now when it comes to the show. (Photo: Disney Channel.)

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