Absentia spoilers: The scene of a crime (video)

Absentia spoilersFor a little while, we didn’t have nearly as much in the way of video footage to break down on AbsentiaLuckily, that does seem to be changing these days as we still-eagerly await the debut of the show this fall.

The new video teaser below offers up some insight on what appears to be an investigation into a crime scene, given that you have the character of Detective Tommy (read more about him over at the link here) showing up in the field. The caption from the show’s official Twitter below is almost equally important to what is said in the video — after all the “designer shirt” is a big clue that the victim in this case is someone who had a lot to lose. These sort of guys often don’t disappear for no reason, and therefore you’ve got a reason in turn to be suspicious for what in the world is going on here.

The presence of this victim, in one way or another, should tie back into the main story at hand: Emily Byrne (Stana Katic), a woman who was found after many years gone and presumed dead. With her reemergence in mind, she now has the challenge of piecing together her life — her former husband Nick Durand (Patrick Heusinger) and the rest of the FBI team in Boston may do what they can in order to help, but there are no guarantees that he will be able to do so. Not only that, but it’s equally possible that they may not like everything that they find.

We do wish that we could say more about this preview, but some things must remain a secret for now! The biggest thing that we can reinforce time and time again is that with the first season having a reasonably small episode order, ever single thing that you see matters. There is no purposefully throwing out moments for no reason; maybe there are red herrings, but there not likely to be any examples of the show spinning its wheels.

The only negative about this preview? It’s so short that if you look away for just a second, you’re likely to miss all of it.

Who is Tommy?

Officially, one of the only things that is known about the character is that he has a job in local law enforcement as a detective, and he’s got some sort of history with Nick. However, his opinion of both him and the FBI isn’t that favorable due apparently to some clashes in the past.

Interested in some other insight on Absentia and the future?

If you find yourself saying “yes,” then we recommend that you head over to the link here! We continue to have updates on a near-regular basis leading up to the premiere, and hope that you keep checking many of them out. (Photo: Sony.)

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