Big Brother 19 episode 8 review: Cody Nickson eviction; Battle Back returns

Cody NicksonWe’re not even going to pretend that there was any drama entering Big Brother 19 episode 8: Cody Nickson’s eviction is nigh. He played with fire by making an eviction move without consulting anyone in the house. Now, we’re going to have an opportunity to see how he gets burned.

Let’s be honest for a moment: There’s almost certainly going to be no drama in the early going in this episode. It’s hard for there to be given the results were so predictable.

Oh, but here’s some big news – The Battle Back competition is coming back! This means that Cameron, Jillian, Cody and someone else could have another chance to come back in the game down the road. We’ll get some more details at the end of the episode.

Now, let’s get into the Veto Ceremony aftermath — Josh fought with Cody and Jessica, which was mostly hilarious because of how Jessica and Cody were sporting toad costumes. There was a lot of drama that unfolded as a result of everything, including some emotional meltdowns. Jessica in particular had a tough time seeing everyone happy while celebrating the birthday of Dominique, someone who became a big player in the rest of the episode.

We were very much surprised to get a Dominique the Dominator talk-show segment on the show, mostly because this happened just last night. Still, we’re glad that we got some drama out of it with Cody and Josh … plus Mark freaking out when Cody seemingly threw him under the bus.

The vote

We were relatively curious to see what the total here would be when the dust settled, given that Paul had told Kevin previously to vote to evict Ramses. He did, and what surprised us was that Christmas also chose to cast a vote for Ramses. We knew that Jessica probably would, and that meant that he had three votes cast in that direction.

In the end, the votes were otherwise all for Cody, and we’ll give him some credit for having a pretty entertaining interview with Julie Chen. He seemed genuinely shocked to have anyone cheer for me, let alone a chance to re-enter the game. There are four people who are returning via the Battle Back Competition, and that will take place next week. We don’t mind it pre-jury, and while we don’t like Cody, it’s hard to deny that the idea of him back in the house could be very much entertaining when it comes to drama.

The HoH Competition

Here, it’s all about endurance — you’ve seen variations on this challenge before, and we do typically find it fun to watch on the feeds. In the event that you don’t have those feeds, however, know that you’ll be able to check out some updates over here.

As a whole, this was a better eviction show than last week, and one that gave us both surprises but then also some expected entertainment. Episode Grade: B+.

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