Teen Wolf season 6 spoilers: The Beacon Hills mystery

Beacon HillsIf there is one place that’s probably had more terrible things happen proportional to the population than anywhere else, it’s Beacon Hills. It’s reminiscent almost of Murder, She Wrote, and the fact that there were so many murders that took place in such a tiny town, and you wonder how in the world all of that happened! This is the situation that the Teen Wolf community is in looking into its final episodes, and we wish we could say that things were going to be getting better for the residents. Unfortunately, a new threat is going to be making things so much worse.

How bad is this new threat? Well, Entertainment Weekly reports that it is serious enough that Scott and some other characters decide to take their time going to college in order to fight it. They know that Beacon Hills is doomed without them, and this could be one of the last things holding them back.

The site doesn’t offer up too many clues as to what this monster is beyond the following:

1. It’s been around for a long time, presumably longer than many of the other threats that the pack has faced over the years.

2. It’s also got some sort of relation / tie to spiders. Maybe it’s some sort of terrible / awful eight-legged creature from hell that is probably going to freak us out so much that we’re scared to watch. Note to all showrunners out there, why with the spiders? (Okay, we probably do know the answer to that — the goal with the monsters on this show is to frighten the heck out of people, and this will probably succeed in doing just that.)

Recently, MTV did unveil the full trailer for the upcoming season, which revealed at the center of it a number of big-name returns, including the likes of Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, and many more. This is a show that looks to be going out with a bang, and if they can scare you along the way, they absolutely are more than fine to do that.

Will these final episodes offer closure?

We hope so, especially since there was a good bit of advance warning that the series that the show was going to be ending. That offers up a chance for the writers to plan things out, and deliver everything that the fans are hoping for and then some. We’ll just have to wait and see if these plans match up with the astronomical expectations that are out there.

What do you want to see coming up in Beacon Hills on Teen Wolf this season? Be sure to share now in the comments!

Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you want some other news when it comes to the series. Get ready for the season premiere to air later this summer. (Photo: MTV.)

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