Beyond Law & Order: SVU season 19, what is the series’ longevity?

SVU season 19It feels like at around this time every year, we’re doing an article about the lifespan of Law & Order: SVUIt makes sense when you consider just how long the show’s been on the air. Think 18 seasons, with season 19 on the way soon.

Entering this upcoming season, there is already a certain element of change. After all, there is a new showrunner on board, and that is the second straight season that we’ve seen that from the series. Change is scary, but what should help the show have some stability comes via the cast and crew. Many of these people are still there, including some of the writers and producers. They have experienced with the franchise, and even new showrunner Michael Chernuchin is someone with plenty of familiarity with the brand. He’s coming over from Chicago Justice, so even recently we’re talking here about someone with plenty of familiarity even recently in the genre.

What we’re trying to say here is that, in terms of consistently, there is no reason to be concerned about the show faltering.

Beyond that, there are other questions about SVU season 19 in terms of the ratings. The numbers were down slightly from season 18, and anytime that you’ve got a show with this sort of run, it’s a little pricier than the standard series. It doesn’t necessarily have a lot of ratings wiggle room.

SVU is in season 19. So, is it possible that the show is going to be over at the end of it?

For the time being, our feeling is … there’s gotta be more

It’s understandable to be worried about SVU, especially since from a historical perspective you want to see it match the flagship Law & Order as the longest-running series of its kind. Hargitay has already appeared in more episodes of the show than any other in the franchise. It is clear to us that she could never do a single episode of the show again and we’d understand and have no issue. Would we be disappointed? Absolutely, but she’s given us SO much over the years that it feels almost unfair to want to ask for more.

Nonetheless, here we are wanting more and feeling like we will see Mariska a little while longer. Maybe NBC opts to end the show with season 20, or maybe they go for 21 and get it in a league of its own. It’s all going to depend in the end of how it performs, how NBC feels about the show financially, and how long the team wants to see it continue. For now, we’re confident, but we’ll see at this point next year if we’re justified in feeling this way.

How long do you think that SVU will last?

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