Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Endurance – HoH preview (day 23)

HoHTonight, Big Brother 19 is airing their live eviction show, and this is going to be an interesting one because of HoH competition. We’re doing endurance! Last week, we thought that this was going to be happening, but the evidence online absolutely suggests that we’re going in that direction this time around.

The photo at the bottom of the article via the show’s official Twitter suggests that we’re getting a variation on the classic pirate-ship challenge that we’ve seen on the show in the past. one where the contestants will have to stand and hold on for dear life. Odds are, Christmas is going to be unable to compete in this due to her injury — the show shouldn’t change anything because of injuries in the house, so she’ll have to rely on other things in order to ensure her safety. (Raven is also hurt, and while we don’t think that she has a zero percent change of winning this, it’s going to inhibit her abilities significantly.

If we were to call out the winner of this based solely on what we’re seeing here, it’s that Alex will be the one in power for the next seven days. She’s small, reasonably athletic, and competitive — she’s shown that already. This is the combination that does tend to win this competition more often than not. You could also look towards Ramses, Dominique, or maybe Jessica as possibilities — Paul’s built well for it, but he’s not eligible to compete. (Bad news for the meathead guys — there’s almost no chance they survive here.)

An Alex HoH reign would be fun just so that we can see exactly where she wants to go from the week ahead, and if she plays things safe or tries to find a way to survive in the game in the long-term. While the group of Paul, Christmas, Elena, Mark, Dominique, Raven, and Matt have been the ones running the show for a little bit, we don’t think that they’re all that stable. There were frustrations towards Dominique last night after the talk show, Mark’s been a little shifty, and Christmas is someone we see being aggressive in the game. Paul’s got a ton of flexibility just because of his safety, and he probably is going to want to use the next week to position himself for when the safety ends. We don’t think he’ll be in immediate danger after that, but he does need to watch himself.

What about some other coverage?

As you would probably expect, we’re going to be looking at the entire challenge live and chronicling all of the various craziness that takes place within. You’ll be able to see that over at the link here — which is, coincidentally, where you can also see both the review of tonight’s episode and also the full interview with Allison Grodner tomorrow. There’s all sorts of good Big Brother coverage to look forward to.

Be sure to share in the comments who you want to see emerge as the victor during this competition! (Photo: CBS.)

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