Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Dominique’s ‘talk show’ with Cody (day 22, evening)

talk showLet’s kick off this Big Brother 19 live feed update with the obligatory update on Raven. She got some medical attention earlier in the day after falling down the stars, but she’s fine. Her mascara was a little running and she was in a lot of pain during treatment, but no surgery or anything else serious for the time being.

The meat of this article is meant to be about Cody’s last stand, and what we hoped would be an entertaining way to see him go out the door during Dominique’s “talk show” that she’s done a few times now on Big Brother After Dark.

Word to the wise for future houseguests: Don’t do these “shows” more than once or twice. Dominique’s not a terrible host or a bad communicator, but the utter look of boredom on the faces of many of her fellow houseguests really speaks for itself. It feels really inauthentic for all of these people to be in the same room together … especially Cody. Yet, Cody is the main reason why we even were watching the feeds tonight, since he promised to stir things up.

Earlier today, Cody told Christmas that Mark and Dominique were the ones who threw her name out there before he put her on the block, and we wondered if he was going to take advantage of the chance tonight to blow up her game.

Let’s get to Cody

We do like for a moment that Cody admitted to everyone how he straight-up insulted Jeff about showmances during his pre-game interviews. He also said that the didn’t like Paul basically from the get-go, but he turned around on him slightly since.

The best thing about Cody being interviewed on here was that he basically had nothing to lose and was being as blunt and honest as possible. He said that he cares a lot about Alex, Jessica, and Raven, and wants to see them go as far as possible. He also blames Megan for him being evicted so early, given that he wanted to get her out of the game and then lay low for a while.

Where things get interesting is here is when Cody proclaimed that there were “one or two” people who knew about every decision that he made in the game — something that really struck Mark. Meanwhile, he told Josh that he “doesn’t exist” in his world. There were a few minutes of fun in what was otherwise a good ten minutes of “meh.” This wasn’t anywhere near as interesting as it could be, but we do wonder if there are some people who caught up on how defensive Mark got during the whole “one or two” part of the discussion.

Now that we’ve gotten through all of this … Dominique, please don’t do this anymore. We spent almost an hour getting to a couple of minutes of goodness.

For some further news on Big Brother…

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