Did Jessica Jones season 2 just cast Typhoid Mary?

Jessica Jones season 2Jessica Jones season 2 has a heck of a challenge in topping Kilgrave as a villain; are they doing that now via Typhoid Mary?

Nothing is confirmed as of yet, but here is what we know. Per a new report coming in right now via Variety, Twilight alum Leah Gibson is going to be appearing over the second season of the Netflix series in the role of “Ingrid,” a streetwise woman who knows how to survive, and someone who has the ability to help others. After all, she’s been trained as a nurse!

We’re months removed from when this character was first rumored, but over that time there were rumors aplenty that this character is actually a cover for famed Marvel villain Typhoid Mary. She’s technically known more as an enemy of Daredevil, but she could function well as an archenemy here given that she’s not your ordinary villain. While she does have so interesting powers like telekinesis, she also suffers from dissociative identity disorders. There are going to be times in which she may seem normal, but then she has some other personalities including Bloody Mary and Typhoid Mary. Given that the latter is the one that she is known for, that’s the one that you should be afraid of the most.

This character should be a formidable opponent, but beyond that, she could represent a character that is difficult for any hero to take on. There may be times in which Jessica wants to believe in her, but that could quickly prove challenging.

The trouble with expectations

By the time that Jessica Jones season 2 premieres, whether it be in 2018 or beyond, it’ll have to face the fact that season 1 was so great — arguably, the best of the entire Marvel – Netflix pantheon by far. The writing was exquisite, and there is a tremendous challenge as a result of that to see whether or not the show can live up to this crazy level of hype. There’s also The Defenders that is coming up, which is the most-anticipated series of its kind in a rather long time. The entire Netflix universe has been building towards this, so if that series doesn’t work for whatever reason, there will be even more pressure on the series to deliver something great.

Now, we just have to wonder if there is any other exciting casting news coming up. In between this show and also Luke Cage filming, this is a very exciting time to be a Marvel fan.

Now, your take

Do you think that we’re going to see Typhoid Mary on Jessica Jones season 2, and what do you think about this casting? Share in the comments below right now!

Meanwhile, be sure to head over to the link here in the event you want some further news and insight now when it comes to the show. Hopefully, there will be more announcements coming up in the weeks ahead. (Photo: Netflix.)

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