Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Raven injures her foot (day 22)

Raven injuresThis is a special edition of our Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers, and it’s unfortunately another injury update — this time with Raven.

The injury that happened this afternoon (think just after 3:15 p.m. Big Brother time) came when Raven fell while going down the stairs. Her foot was bleeding, and Cody carried her over to the Diary Room while still wearing his frog costume. (This may be the most gracious thing Cody’s done in three-plus weeks of being in the house.)

Ultimately, Raven didn’t say anything about a broken bone, so hopefully this isn’t anything as serious as what happened to Christmas, which is requiring her to get surgery today. She’s now gone from the house, but is expected back tomorrow prior to the live eviction vote being ready. Cody’s still expected to go in an almost-unanimous vote, with there being presumably a vote to evict Ramses from Kevin. Jessica probably won’t vote to evict Cody, either; would anyone be that upset at her?

Anyhow, we’ll have an update on Raven a little bit later today, but for the time being we expect her to be fine despite being taken over to the DR.

Christmas and Cody’s chat

This was a pretty interesting conversation that happened a few hours earlier today prior to her leaving, one where he aired out some of his dirty laundry. He explained that he nominated her because he felt that the mood changed when she was in the room, and that Mark and Dominique each wanted her out after something that happened during Dominique’s “shows” when she asked about Mark’s relationship / showmance with Elena. He also claimed that Mark knew that Paul was his target all along last week, and that he was more betrayed by what happened there than with anyone else in the house.

Cody’s objective here seems to be to A) shake things up before his eviction and B) try to make an ally in the event that he comes back in the house later. Where things get a little interesting is that much of what Cody said was only partially true. It’s true that Mark and Dominique were angry about some of what Christmas said, but it didn’t go so far as saying that she should be nominated. Meanwhile, we definitely don’t buy Cody saying that he wants to work with Paul and that his targets have now changed; he’s just trying to buy some goodwill in the event that he does get to come back.

The funny thing is that Cody, when measured, can be persuasive and can make decent points. This is why it was terrible for someone like him to win the first HoH, since he needed to come out the game humble rather than developing a huge ego.

We’ll be back later

Of course, we’re going to have the latest review of tonight’s episode online later over at the link here. Be on the lookout for that! (Photo: CBS.)

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