Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Kevin’s facade fades (day 22, morning)

Kevin's facadeIt was only a matter of time before Kevin’s facade started to fall apart in the Big Brother house — and it happened overnight with Ramses.

During a conversation between Ramses and Alex, it started to become abundantly clear to the two of them that Kevin is the person going back and forth between the two sides. He’s passed a lot of information around, and he spends so much time with Paul that it’s understandable that you would be suspicious of him. Ramses reiterated to Alex that he did not vote to send Jillian home, and these two now have more trust between them — and the same could go for Jason. They realize where some of the numbers are, and since they’ve all been out of the loop, they may understand the need to work together more now then ever.

There is a school of thought among some, even people in the minority, that the majority alliance will eventually crumble and they can find their way into some of those numbers. We’re just not sure that this will happen given that people like Matt, Raven, Mark, Elena, Dominique, and Paul all feel fairly stable. We could see Christmas making some moves, but the others aren’t the sort of people you want to rely on for some sort of strategic craziness.

The best thing that could happen with the rest of the game may go something like this: Alex, Ramses, or Jessica wins the next Head of Household, and then does something that causes the dominant alliance to turn on each other. For example, nominating Dominique and Elena together so that someone like Mark would have to choose. Or, putting up both Matt and Mark at the same time. Interestingly, we do think that Raven is the real person to get out since her story, and the desire from so many people for her to make it far, is in part what is keeping this alliance together. Unfortunately it’s almost impossible to imagine a scenario pre-jury where most of the house votes Raven out. (We are sympathetic to her story and aren’t trying to be callous; we’re just thinking strictly in terms of the game and what certain players could do in order to get ahead.)

Early indications are that there will be an endurance challenge Thursday, so it could be all about who wants it the most.

Other odds and ends

Cody is still going Thursday, and he’s actually been a little more social the best 12 hours. At least he’s not leaving as terribly as he’s behaved the past week or so — sometimes this happens with the jerky guy in the house once he’s been humbled a little bit.

Meanwhile, Christmas still hasn’t left to undergo her surgery, but she should at some point today.

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