Suits season 7 spoilers: The path ahead for Louis Litt

Louis LittWe’ve said it a few times over at this point that Louis Litt of Suits is one of our favorite characters on the series, and there are a wide array of different reasons why. He’s got this tremendous heart and incredible spirit of ambition, but at the same time the guy just can’t stay out of his own way. No matter how much he may try to do good, he shoots himself in the foot time and time again. His self-aggrandizing behavior basically led to him losing his relationship with Tara, someone who genuinely loved him and wanted to raise a child with him. He could just never offer a lot of stability, and him keeping certain skeletons in his closet about Mike Ross and others doomed him further.

So where does Rick Hoffman’s fantastic character go from here? As you would anticipate, there is going to be quite a struggle coming up. Here is what creator Aaron Korsh had to say on the subject in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“Because he broke up with Tara and he’s going through some tough stuff, when we start the season, the people who care about him in his life are worried about him and worried on his behalf. He says he’ll be fine, and he’s not fine. He has to sort of go through a process of dealing with the loss of Tara, and I think it’s going to be evident throughout most of the season. It’s not all that’s going on for him, but it’s a lot of what’s going on for him. Because of that, we’re going to meet some new characters—maybe some we’ve wanted to meet before or heard of before. In the end, I do believe it results in growth for Louis, but growth comes in fits and starts.”

Eventually, we do want to see Louis find love with someone and have it last — seeing him in that position where he’s vulnerable and sweet is such a wonderful contrast for him. However, we also recognize that were he to dive into a relationship right away on this show, it’d be a little unrealistic for the Louis Litt that we’ve come to know and love. We think that he’s far more likely to let his emotions stew for a while, to lash out at people who are trying to help him, and then realize that going about things in this sort of hyper-aggressive manner is not going to get him anywhere. Louis is the sort of person who will learn and understand the error of his ways, but it will take him some time.

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