Shadowhunters season 2 spoilers: The Jace – Clary drama ahead

Jace - ClaryThe Jace – Clary relationship on Shadowhunters season 2 took quite a turn on this past episode courtesy of the Seelie Queen. Following that up, how do the two parties recover?

Just as you would imagine, the two characters trying to move forward will experience some further struggles, given that they had this expression of feelings that Clary is seemingly trying to deny. You can argue as to whether or not the Seelie Queen was trolling these two and Simon with her whole “the vines will release when you fulfill your innermost desires bit,” but there’s no denying that in that moment, Clary and Jace were into it. That’s probably why Simon stormed off more than anything else, given that he really just got a peck in comparison to what happened with these two. (For the record, we know that Seelie magic is true, but we do think there are still manipulations possible with the Queen.)

In speaking further about that moment, actor Dominic Sherwood explained to Entertainment Weekly that this really is a prime example of the two parties simply getting lost within that moment:

“In that one brief moment between the two of them, all pretense and all kind of guarded behavior was lost … There was nothing except for the two of them falling into that passion and giving into the emotions they both feel.”

Sherwood also made it fairly clear that in the aftermath of this, we’re also not going to see a situation unfold where the two are really able to spend much time apart from each other. They will be interacting, and with them separate from the group, there will be further conversations:

“They’re about to be assigned missions together, and it’s not going to be an easy transition because of everything that’s just occurred.”

Are there other hurdles for the two beyond Simon?

We’d say so, given that Jace and Clary work together so much that there could be a sentiment that being both colleagues and lovers would complicate things at the Institute. Also, they’ve got major threats to deal with, including one in Sebastian that is bubbling underneath the surface and hasn’t fully revealed himself to be the problem that he is just yet. That is something that is going to be coming over the course of the coming weeks (hopefully, we don’t want the Sebastian-is-a-sociopath reveal to be stretched all the way to the start of season 3).

Granted, we guess that we should just be thankful about the fact that there is already a Shadowhunters season 3, and the writers can start to plan ahead for that as opposed to being stuck in some sort of limbo as to whether or not they are coming back.

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