Beyond Arrow season 6, what is the CW series’ lifespan?

Arrow season 6Is there hope beyond an Arrow season 6 that the show can continue? It feels like a certainty, but this also feels like the right time to analyze further.

The first thing worth noting about the upcoming season is that expectations are probably higher than they’ve ever been. The show is coming off of its most-successful season critically since the original Deathstroke arc, and with that in mind alone, why would you want to end the show? Why stop it when things are getting good? Add to that reasonably solid ratings and its status as the focal point for the entire DC superhero universe on The CW, and there’s no reason for it to end this season.

Also, you can make a reasonable argument that there is no reason to end Arrow next season, either. Remember for a moment that we had five years in flashbacks, so to come back and only have one or two seasons with a different structure doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. What is a little more interesting creatively is getting a chance to see the show do several seasons with a different structure — think five more seasons without the Oliver island story to go with the five years with the flashbacks and the five years that he spent there. Everything comes in fives, and we get a nice chunk of fifteen years of this man’s life.

Now, maybe it’s a little too ambitious for now to suggest that Arrow lasts that long given that so few shows do on The CW or elsewhere. Not everyone can be Supernatural and last so long that you become an institution. What we know is that creatively, there is a lot of story still to be told, as Oliver does have new responsibilities and he may not be so willing to send his son away this time. He’s also a little more unburdened by the problems of his past. Depending on the villains and the stories for the supporting characters, there could still be a rather nice run for the show still.

Our feeling when determining the Arrow endgame is that if you feel like you’re running out of interesting opponents and stories to tell with these characters, the time is then right to send Arrow to pasture. Don’t force plotlines that aren’t there, and don’t just start repeating yourself and resurrecting characters that you don’t need to see anymore. With its current trajectory, Arrow should be able to stay put for a little while longer — just steer clear of some of the pitfalls of seasons 3 and 4 where the show got away from its original dark, gritty nature. (Also, forget that the season 4 finale ever happened.)

Do you think that Arrow season 6 is anywhere near the end of the line for the series? Be sure to share in the comments!

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