Game of Thrones season 7: Building the right Tyrion Lannister endgame

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister is widely considered to be one of the most popular characters in Game of Thrones history, and for good reason. He’s likable, tenacious, smart, and the ultimate underdog. He’s basically the sort of guy who everyone who watches this show can relate to since the majority of us are not super-badass like Jon Snow or can fly around on a dragon like Daenerys. Tyrion is a man who found a way to survive on the basis of his own skills, and never had a whole lot of help from anyone.

Moving into season 7, he’s certainly in an interesting spot once more in that he’s really the most-connected man in the entire show. Luckily for the Mother of Dragons, he is on her side. Think about all of the different people that he’s worked with since the start of the show. He’s got some bond with Jaime, Sansa Stark was technically married to him, he has Varys down in Dorne, and he doesn’t have the enemies of anyone else in his family. Other than maybe Cersei and a few people here and there, there aren’t that many people interested in killing Tyrion. As a result of that, there is actually a reasonably good chance that he is going to find a way to survive this somehow.

But what would that survival look like? There are a few possibilities.

Hand of the King – We don’t think Tyrion wants to rule, but he does love to have power and influence. He is clearly very good in this role, so if someone ends up on the throne like Daenerys at the end, he can help her greatly.

Ruler of a smaller kingdom – Maybe someone like Jon ends up getting the throne, and he allots Tyrion a chance to have some land and subjects as a way to thank him for his kindness towards Sansa.

Married to Queen Sansa – We cannot imagine him being treated as the ruler, but it’s certainly something that could happen.

Dead in battle – This feels as though it’s the only way in which he would die, but other than in the Battle of Blackwater, what are the circumstances in which he fights now? He would get out there if he has to, but him dying in the midst of a war just feels unexciting for this character.

For now, our feeling is that Tyrion just continues to live out his days as an adviser at the end of the show much as he is now. Maybe he’ll change some of his personality, but we don’t think at his core he’s that different a person now than who he was seasons ago. He just has more of an open mind.

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