Power season 4 episode 4 spoilers: Ghost’s gun drama; the mole hunt

Power season 4 episode 4What’s coming on Power season 4 episode 4 when that episode premieres on Starz? Well, the biggest thing is gun drama.

In the preview that aired after tonight’s episode, Ghost makes it clear once more that he’s not implicating Tommy. He’s not willing to compromise anything on that front, which is a great show of loyalty. However, at the same time doing this has some other serious consequences. One of the biggest ones is that we’re going to be seeing a situation unfold here where he either sells out Tommy for what transpires, or he sticks to his guns … even with the knowledge in mind that if he holds out, he puts his family in greater risk. Angela is still out for blood, and there’s a very huge problem courtesy of that aforementioned gun. If that’s connected to Ghost and Tommy for good, the two guys are screwed. He needs to find a way to get out from under that.

The best thing working in Ghost’s favor right now? Well, it may just be the simple fact that he’s not so stupid as to leave that gun in Truth, his own club. He has to figure out a way to pin that on someone else, and this may be what Joe Proctor is able to prove.

The second part of the preview may actually be the most interesting…

Joe’s theory

If you recall, one of the reasons that Greg Knox was actually killed was because Mike Sandoval determined that Knox knew a little too much. Joe is going to figure that out, and with that, he’ll take it upon himself to start to make a case that this is why Greg actually died. If he can connect Sandoval to it and provide some tangible proof, all of a sudden it’s game over and the entire case changes.

Unfortunately, Sandoval is the one with all of the power right now given that he’s got the leverage and the knowledge — two things that nobody else fully has. Being that he works in law enforcement, he’s also got the ability to be able to get the jump on other people. He’s certainly going to use that in order to try and sway the trial in a way that he wasn’t found out.

The big question to wonder

Even if Ghost finds a way out of this in one place, is there really even a way to move forward? Is his entire life devastated beyond belief?

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