Power season 4 episode 3 reaction: Boss on Ghost – Tommy dilemma

Power season 4 episode 3What happened on Power season 4 episode 3 was a series of big events that all tie back to one question: The sort of person Ghost is. He’s someone who fights hard for what he believes in, and the sort of people who he feels are loyal to him bar none. One of those people just so happens to be Tommy, which is why throughout the episode airing Sunday night, he decided that he didn’t want to sell him out. The very last thing that he wanted to do was show any sign of weakness.

The good news is that so long as Ghost protects him, Tommy will probably be safe. However, the flip side of that is that if he does this, he is putting Tasha and everyone else close to him at risk. John and Angela are motivated like nobody’s business to destroy him, and they’re willing to do virtually anything that they can in order to make that happened.

In a video on Starz that aired at the conclusion of tonight’s episode, executive producer Courtney Kemp had the following to say in regards to some of Jamie’s decision-making when it comes to the deal Angela offered him: Take down himself and Tommy, and she’d ensure that he didn’t die and that his family was protected:

“He’s never going to give up Tommy. This is just not that guy. I don’t think the audience would believe it if Ghost sold [him] out … He can’t sell Tommy out. He would never stand up for that.”

Kemp also had the following to say about how the episode started, which showed just how far the prosecution was willing to go in order to ensure that Ghost felt as though nobody was effectively on his side and they were able to manipulate him into doing what they wanted:

“The opening of this episode is one of our favorites we did this season. We wanted to scare the audience, have the audience feel like ‘oh, no’ … Seeing Dre get pulled in, seeing [Julio and LaKeisha pulled in]. She’s [not used to this] in the way that Dre and Julio [are]. She’s also angry at this person for hurting her best friend.”

Meanwhile, Kemp discussed briefly how Ghost was challenged behind bars, whether that meant blackmail or dealing with his other inmates.

“Ghost knows he’s not supposed to reveal his street side. He’s supposed to be this scared businessman, but when he gets [attacked], he fights back … He’s just who he is.”

This episode was certainly action-packed like many others, and we’re absolutely curious to learn how everything with Ghost and Tommy will unfold.

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