NCIS: New Orleans helps locals: Paid $40.3 million in-state payroll for season 3

NCIS: New OrleansViewers of NCIS: New Orleans appreciate the beautiful backdrop of the New Orleans community. They love all the crimes the characters solve too. However fans might be a bit surprised to hear how much the show is helping the locals as well. The shows paid over $40 million for in-state payrolls for all the folks helping with the show.

As with any show based on a community, it’s essential to have the flavor of the area as part of the show. Over the years shows have relocated to communities because the authenticity factor is a value viewers appreciated. Of course, some TV shows, like sitcoms, are still taped in Hollywood, but that’s happening less and less. It’s an added value to go to the city where the show is set. The amount of $40 million dollars isn’t small either, it could be a big boost into a community that doesn’t typically have cameras running.

With NCIS: New Orleans, the cast and crew actually have a studio in a New Orleans suburb and many of the shots are part of the New Orleans landscape. Every time they hit the streets, need help on something or have logistical concerns, it appears they are using everything and everyone around them to get the job done. In turn, the show is helping the economy as well as boosting tourism with the beautiful scenery.

Using the local landscape also draws from the area’s best kept secrets. It adds a certain flavor to the show and gives everyone a reason to watch. Plus, who doesn’t want to hear that funds are being pushed back into the community represented? It’s a win-win for everyone who loves the show and locals too.

NCIS: New Orleans offers a positive impact

The upcoming season of the popular CBS show is already on the drawing board. No doubt with new stories there are new ideas being created for season four. Let’s hope they continue to showcase the extraordinary community and all that it has to offer. While the show is entertaining all the viewers, it’s good to know they are helping the local economy too.

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