Fear the Walking Dead season 3: Where is Ofelia? Prepare for surprises

Where is OfeliaOn the Fear the Walking Dead season 3 midseason finale, one key question will be answered: Where is Ofelia? She’s resurfacing within the world of the show, but this is not the same version of the character that was seen previously. If the previews are any indication, she’s going to be working and operating alongside Walker, a.k.a. the Big Bad of the first half of this season who’s none too pleased that Broke Jaw Ranch is infringing on what he feels are his land rights.

How different is Ofelia going to be when we see her tonight? As Mercedes Mason teases per ComicBook.com, she could be night and day just because of the circumstances that have befallen her and how long she’s been gone from the world of the show:

“It’s so fun to see how excited and invested people are in the character because they obviously really wondered where she is … It’s a great little reveal when she does actually get presented because then, there’s all this hoopla surrounding it, asking what’s the new dynamic is going to be because Ofelia’s been gone now from the part for so long that it’s almost like starting from scratch. In the apocalypse, everything changes so quickly.”

So why side with Walker, someone who is basically responsible for the death of Travis and would have no problem killing the likes of Madison, Alicia, her father, or anyone else in his way? Much of that has to deal with loyalty towards the people you’re with now as opposed to loyalty towards people you were close to many moons ago:

“All I can is that Ofelia almost died in the desert. She was saved. The people who saved her is who she’s now loyal to and dedicated to and that’s who you’re going to find her with.”

Given that there are two hours of content tonight, maybe that means that there is going to be time to really dive into and trace out everything that’s happened to Ofelia, similar to what we got with Daniel Salazar on that fantastic episode earlier this year. (As great as it was, we do wish that there was a little bit more time spent on seeing Daniel and Strand following what happened at Dante’s compound.)

After tonight’s episode, the other painful part of this is the simple fact that you’re going to be waiting for a long time in order to figure out what’s next. The hiatus begins, and it is probably going to be some time before the show returns to AMC with new episodes. Maybe it’ll end up being during The Walking Dead’s hiatus at the end of the year.

If you missed it…

You can head over here to check out a new sneak peek for tonight’s two-hour midseason finale — this one will especially cast a key focus on Nick and Troy, as the former tries to figure out what he wants his new focus to be at the ranch. (Photo: AMC.)

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