Game of Thrones season 7: Building to the best Samwell Tarly endgame

Samwell Tarly

Let’s start this edition of our ongoing Game of Thrones Endgame series with a simple reminder: Samwell Tarly is awesome. He may not always get the most intense of material, but he’s got such a natural likability about him. He’s the biggest thing that the show has to a natural underdog — he’s hyper-intelligent, but not that proficient in battle. He’s also had to overcome a lot of fear and a lot of abuse over his life to get to where he is today.

What we know about Sam’s current state is that he’s being trained academically, in the sense that he could go from being cast aside by his family in the Night’s Watch to becoming a Maester. He’s visited the Citadel, seen its library, and there he has access to the history of Westeros in a way that few others did.

Basically, Sam’s big cliffhanger ending is that he found a crazy-cool library, and that seems somewhat appropriate for a guy like this. At least for now he’s safe from the likes of the White Walkers and his terrible father, but how long will that last?

Obviously, Sam’s endgame is not going to be chilling at the Citadel. Instead, maybe it’s finding a way to use that knowledge for the greater good. More so than almost any other character, we see Sam either making it through to the end of the series or being a key cog in the victory against the White Walkers. We don’t think he’ll shake out to be that important in who ends up on the Iron Throne, but he should be in stopping the Night King.

Will Sam uncover the clue to stopping the White Walkers?

He’s already figured out the means to kill a White Walker, and maybe there’s a way that he can use that knowledge to spread it around — or, maybe he just figures out a better way to mass-produce weaponry. Maybe he puts two and two together with their history. There are a lot of different things that Samwell could figure out when it comes to these characters just because he more than anyone else has spent time both out in the field and in a place of study.

More than likely, he’s going to find out something through his work that proves fruitful, and in turn, sets the stage for him to play an active role in some final battles. There’s almost no other choice for the right Sam endgame here other than that he should reunite with Jon Snow at some point and use his knowledge to help lead him in battle. If Jon does take the Iron Throne, maybe he becomes incredibly useful as a scholar and chief adviser. Even if it’s not Jon, who’s going to want to kill Sam? Unless you’re a White Walker, there’s little incentive.

What do you think is the right Samwell endgame?

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