No evidence NCIS season 15 is Mark Harmon’s last

Mark HarmonWell, here we are again discussing the latest NCIS season 15 – Mark Harmon stories, and this is only a slight spin on the past ones.

Remember the many stories we’ve debunked about the actor’s health? Well, we’ve got a few more today that are picked up from a variety of different outlets that are all reporting the same thing: That the upcoming season could be the final one for the show’s longtime star. Here’s one of the most ridiculous parts of all of it — Closer Weekly seems to be somehow using speculation of ours (from months ago!) as evidence that we’re leaving (which we never said). Meanwhile, The Inquistr is also citing us that he is not leaving the show and is under contract … while in the middle of an article about whether or not he could be leaving the show at the end of the season.

Both stories, alas, reference old and VERY nasty reports that Harmon’s health is failing — which really just feels like ageism since there have not been any signs of this very thing on the show itself. Remember here that David McCallum is 83 years old and continues to work on the show just fine; Harmon is 65, and seems to still be enjoying his work playing Gibbs. It probably also helps that the show pays extremely well and he is also an executive producer on NCIS: New Orleans.

Here’s the truth around what is going on — any time there is a new report about the show, somehow publications find a way to spin a new story about it. Why keep fueling the fire on our end? We’ve noted this before, but the biggest reason is that we don’t want people casually scanning the internet to buy into this nonsense and suddenly think that Harmon is in poor health. All these stories are doing are referencing the same story from many months ago with zero evidence that there is any legitimacy to it at all.

Here is what we know for certain at the moment.

1. Harmon remains under contract – He will be in that capacity until the end of the season, and he could renegotiate before now. While new contracts and CBS may not be the stuff of great headlines these days, Harmon’s the top-lining star of the show. If there’s mutual interest, they will get a deal done.

2. There’s no evidence of poor health – That’s all nonsense.

3. It is still possible that Gibbs’ role could change – It seems as though some people are spinning us saying that Gibbs could have a different role on the show as evidence that Harmon is leaving, but that’s not actually the case. If for whatever reason Harmon decides that he wants to be working in the field a little bit less, he could opt to move Gibbs to a different position. There’s a way for him to stay on the show and the role to change if he wants to get out of the line of fire — which does make sense for a high-ranking character who would be thinking this way in a real-life situation.

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