Absentia: A new resource and a new promotional strategy

promotional strategyIf you are looking for some more discussion on Absentiayou’ve come to the right place — at least in terms of promotional strategy.

There are few shows out there that seem to encapsulate some sort of broad, global feel; yet, the Stana Katic series is one of them. It’s airing across many different AXN networks and on Showcase in Canada, and there are some further homes to come. Let’s hope for an American home soon, given the fact that there is a new teaser out there in English, but not a home in the US to celebrate an impending release this fall.

To help drum up excitement and answer some important questions, the folks over at Sony have created a special website for the series, which is pretty rare for a TV series, whose hopes tend to often be attached to a single network. Consider this a further bit of evidence of the show’s independence, and then also how hard the powers that be over at Sony are working in order to ensure that everyone knows when the show is on the air and where. The website includes a listing of all of the different places in which you can check out Absentia, and there are also some photos and various social-media teases on there as well. It’s a good resource — to go along with some of our articles and commentary pieces, of course.

At the moment, we’re in the phase of any publicity being good publicity for the show, and it’s nice to see that it is getting a good bit of that. The fact that there are so many different outlets starting to get on board the show in America should show further that there is a hunger for the show to come here. If you’ve been sitting around in the States as of late and have been feeling rather frustrated, don’t worry — sooner or later, there will be an announcement made. We consider the website, the promo, and all of the publicity in general as welcomes signs that should help Absentia land everything some of its fans are eager to have. There is such a lovely amount of determination in order to make the dreams of many fans out there into a reality.

If you haven’t heard much about the series so far…

Absentia revolves around Emily Byrne (Katic), an FBI agent who finds herself back home after being presumed missing / dead for the past six years. Her entire world will be upended, including both her former husband and her child’s lives. However, we’ll all discover over the course of the first season that there is so much more going on than it’d seem on the purpose.

Want some other news on Absentia and the future?

Then our suggestion is clear: Head over to the link here! After all, that is where you can get some further news right now on prospective network homes and more.

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