Wynonna Earp season 2 spoilers: Show exec on pregnancy surprise

Wynonna Earp season 2How will Wynonna Earp season 2 handle the pregnancy surprise for the rest of the season? It’s a great question, and it could make for great drama.

The first reason for the big reveal on Friday night’s new episode is that it tied very much into real-world news for star Melanie Scrofano, who welcomed a child not too long after production on season 2 wrapped. This was written into the show rather than hiding it as some shows do; as a result of that, seeing a pregnant Wynonna is something that is going to create all sorts of interesting dynamics — while also playing to one of the show’s central themes in family.

In speaking further about what she hoped to get out of this story, show executive producer Emily Andras said the following to Variety:

“I also really wanted to explore specifically what Wynonna would be like pregnant. I think that’s a story that doesn’t always get told. This isn’t necessarily a woman in a monogamous [situation]. It’s a woman who lives a certain lifestyle, unapologetically, who has now found herself pregnant. I feel like that story doesn’t get told much on television. That’s what I’m looking forward to most — just showing the struggle of a woman who maybe did not choose this, and what decisions she is forced to make along the way that are best for herself, best for her family, best when you’re a demon hunter, and best for the child. I thought that could be really fresh.”

Now all signs point to this story playing a big role the rest of the season, and also giving us some great opportunities to see how all of the other characters react to it. We know that there’ll be some fun that comes out of this with Waverly, given that the relationship between the two sisters is definitely at the heart of the show. Oh, and we’re also very much curious to learn further if we’re going to see Doc react, given that 1) he’s Doc and his reactions are always priceless and 2) he could be the father, given that he and Wynonna do have so much history.

Will the child come in season 2? Will they have some sort of otherworldly powers? SO MANY QUESTIONS. Alas, no answers for now.

What we can give you is the link here, since that is where you can go in order to read our full review of Friday night’s new Wynonna Earp episode. (Photo: Syfy.)

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