Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 5 review: Is the goo gone for good?

Earp season 2 episode 5 review

It didn’t take Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 5 long in order to freak us out — after all, we watched a beheading followed by a demand for nachos.

Oh, and then we saw a very different side of Wynonna than we have before: The possessed side. Remember what happened at the end of this past episode? She’s now possessed by the same thing Waverly was, which is pretty bad news since Wynonna is pretty darn powerful. Within the first four minutes, she nearly sawed her sister’s head off!

The big problem here is that Waverly is the only person who was aware of what was going on with her sister. Therefore, she locked her up inside while she went outside and got all sorts of flirty with Doc. It didn’t take a whole lot of time for anyone to realize that something was a little off with her. We hope that Haught realized that something was off, given that she also sauntered into that office and was completely terrible to her. This caused Wynonna to fight herself in the only way she knew how: Trying to take herself out of commission. Alas, stabbing herself in the hand didn’t do much.

We will be the first to admit that we enjoy watching Evil Wynonna — granted, nobody else probably loves being around her. After an especially testy visit at the diner, the two headed over to the fire station for their latest mission — briefly, before Doc carted her off. He knew at this point that this wasn’t her, and wasted no time to take action!

Back to Waverly

So who was the one to rescue Waverly? Well, it was Dolls! Well, he wasn’t all that interested in helping her at first given that last he knew, she was tormenting him in demon form. Eventually, he realized that she was okay now, but the two of them had another problem to solve: Lucado, who showed up and decided that she meant business.

Eventually, Doc showed back up there, and the entire core group (minus Nicole) was aware of what was going on. From there, they had to figure out how to get the “goo” gone, and get Wynonna back to her normal self. For Dolls, his method of doing so was certainly simple (and violent) — paying her a visit, listening to her try and seduce her, and then cutting off one of her fingers to give to Lucado. Her advice to him was simple: Deliver her to Black Badge. His response? Not too fast (and a gun to her face). They had their experiment, but it didn’t end too well given how her time on the show ended with a gooey head explosion. Valuable lesson: DON’T TOUCH THE GOO.

Back and forth we go…

Well, the goo proved once again to be pretty powerful, as it found a way to weasel over from Wynonna back to Waverly. From there, she then tricked Haught into thinking that she was still possessed while locked up with the silver in the barn. We eventually saw the story lead to a crazy confrontation between the firefighters / freedom fighters / anti-demon vigilantes; eventually, Wynonna convinced them to let her through, and she was able to keep her sister from being sacrificed. The problem then was that she had to give her an antidote to stop the good, while also convincing Haught that she wasn’t actually evil. No easy task, but she succeeded! The demon was gone, and it was then shot right through to the other side.

In the end, Waverly can go back to being Waverly, and Nicole turned out to be fine despite her getting knocked out in the heat of the showdown.

Tying up loose ends, and creating new ones

Dolls had to make it clear that Lucado was gone, and in the process he received some shocking news: Black Badge is gone. She also went back to the firefighters to make it clear that the mission was done — but she wasn’t interested in being allies with them at all.

As for Waverly, the demon apparently clued her in on a few different things when it comes to her sister and secrets. One of the biggest ones is that it was a little “crowded” in Wynonna’s body … because she’s pregnant! What? Consider that your shocker of the season.


One of the best episodes of the entire episode, and we haven’t even mentioned how great it was to see Brendan Fehr as the beheader at the start of the episode / crazy fireman. Melanie Scrofano was awesome playing two different sides of Wynonna, and this episode was crazy from start to finish with all sorts of twists along the way. Grade: A-.

What’s next for Wynonna Earp?

If you are interested in gathering up some additional news on the series, just be sure to head over to the link here right now! (Photo: Syfy.)

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