Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Who has the temptation? (day 17, evening)

Den of TemptationThe Den of Temptation has already come into play on Big Brother 19 this week, but did American screw up when it comes to the recipient?

It actually took a little while for this one to come out in the house, mostly because of the fact that it took a little while for Christmas and Paul to get into the same room together. She clued him in that America gave her the latest power, which gives her the chance to swap herself in with another player for the next Power of Veto Competition.

Effectively, what this may mean is that in the event that Cody is picked to play in the competition tomorrow, Christmas can say “hold up, bro!” and put herself in instead. The same goes for Jessica if she plays. Basically, this ensures almost perfectly that Cody cannot compete to win the Veto this week — the only scenario Jessica could is if she and Cody are both picked, and Christmas can only save one person. Then, the issue there would be if Jessica won the PoV, since then she could opt to not play it and either Alex or Josh (the likely nominees) would go home. That’s a crazy, unlikely situation, but anything is technically possible in the house.

Christmas, ironically, probably has little shot to win anything physical with a broken ankle, especially since she’s undergoing surgery for it early next week. The Veto will happen by then, but that recovery could play a role in future challenges.

Earlier today, we spoke with Allison Grodner (view hereand she explained further the decision to allow Christmas to stay in the game.

As for the curse…

It could impact as many as three different houseguests, but it’s not clear what the punishment is just yet. Given that it’s early in the game, we wouldn’t be that shocked if it was something akin to these three people not being eligible to vote. That could actually screw up a plan to get rid of Cody if by some configuration it is him and Josh on the block come the next eviction show.

Update: We actually know now that Christmas got to pick the three people, and they are Cody, Jessica, and Jason.

Other news from this afternoon

One of the big takeaways is that we’ve seen a lengthy conversation between Christmas and Jason play out where she got him t promise him loyalty after raking him over the coals for what he did this past week. Christmas is aggressive, but also very persuasive in this game.

Also, Cody and Jessica are starting to see the light that America may not love them … do you know who nobody is seeing the light on? Kevin! He’s still managed to fleece people into thinking he voted to evict Christmas, and he’s kept his $25,000 temptation a secret from most of the house. He’s still playing a great game and not getting his hands altogether dirty in the process.

Stay tuned…

Come back later tonight at the link here, since we’re likely to give you one more bit of live-feed news following the Nomination Ceremony — including the aftermath of it. (Photo: CBS.)

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