Shark Tank rankings: Bitsbox, Edn Garden, Toymail, Hotels by Day

Edn GardenTonight on Shark Tankyou are going to see the return of Bitsbox, Edn Garden, Toymail, and Hotels by Day via a repeat. This was one of our favorite episodes of the season when it first aired, so there’s some excitement here for us in diving back in and looking at which products we feel, in retrospect, have the best long-term value after the Tank. Let’s be clear that there are no definite losers here, since all of them have an ability to scale things up.

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4. Edn Garden – The funny thing here is that out of the products in this episode, this is probably the one we’d most use as a consumer … especially considering the fact that our jalapeno plant outside just blew over in the wind. Growing herbs and other things inside without some of the hassle is nice and should also had an earthy touch to your home.

The only reason this is #4 is just because we see the other products being ones that fix more of a problem and therefore have more long-term value.

3. Hotels By Day – By far this is the riskiest of any of the companies tonight given that it’s the one that requires the most hotel chains to get on board, and it’s also one that could lead to other travel companies trying to find ways to mimic it. The ranking here is based simply due to the fact that for a corporate traveler, there’s value in having a place to rest and refresh for a few hours rather than going to some coffee shop or sweating it out outside.

2. Toymail – It’s a cool idea to establish some sort of communication with your children without having to go through the hassle of giving them a home or setting up some long list of settings. This is simpler, and also age-appropriate. They’ve introduced new plush “talkies” since the show — smart move to get aboard the unicorn train — and the technology here is both simple and effective. While this may only be right for kids of a certain age, it’s not like that market is dissipating now or ever.



1. Bitsbox – In the long-term, this is the company we see with the most value just because education is a huge space, and the further we get into the future, the more need for coders there will be. Also, they have the potential to evolve easily with the times and adapt their subscription service. We view it in some ways as the modern Reading Rainbow of coding, getting kids on board with things that they like and enjoy before then teaching them coding along the way.

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