Madam Secretary: What will Elizabeth McCord deal with in season 4?

Madam Secretary season 4

If there”s one thing that makes Sundays great, its CBS’s Madam Secretary. In the fall, the political drama will return for its fourth season and what a season it could be.

When fans last saw Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord (Tea Leoni), she was trying to stop the possible dissolution of NATO and her husband, Henry McCord (Tim Daly) was brought in from the CIA to assist in the investigation. The big surprise of the season three finale was the return of Dmitri. As Russia sent military vessels to the Bulgarian coast and NATO was thinking about invoking Article 5, Henry turned to Dmitri in order to figure out why Russia had a sudden escalation. Together the duo, along with Elizabeth, expose a deal that the French made with Russia to dismantle NATO. And of course Elizabeth saved the day.

So what could happen occur during the fourth season? Well, plenty.

For one, does this mean Dmitri will recur for season four? It’s a definite possibility because Dmitri brings the drama to the McCords’ lives. In season two, Dmitri put a strain on Henry and Elizabeth’s marriage showing fans that the seemingly perfect marriage between the two isn’t always so. So it would be great to see him work with Henry and Elizabeth, not only to help in their investigations, but also bring back that realistic side to their marriage.

Fans could also see Dmitri in another aspect of the show. If fans will remember when Dmitri was standing in the McCords’ living room, he shared a moment with the eldest McCord, Stevie. As the two shook hands, we could see Henry’s stomach drop. Will Stevie and Dmitri be something the writers explore? Well, it would definitely be interesting, especially because this would mean both of Henry’s worlds collide. It would bring the drama and be an exciting piece of storytelling, almost like a Romeo and Juliet type romance.

Speaking of the McCord children, Alison is in college now and with that will be new challenges she will have to face. Everyone has a some struggles when they go to college, so it would be interesting to what struggles Alison will have and how she will handle them. Then there’s Jason, the self-proclaimed anarchist, who always has to add his two-cents. For him, we hope to see him involved in some new conflict, considering he really hasn’t gotten into any trouble since he punched a kid at his school.

So what could fans potentially see from Elizabeth? It’s no secret the writers of the show pull from real-life events to inspire some of the episodes, so in light of the current situation here in the United States, season four will definitely be exciting and intense.

While there will probably be plenty of world issues that Elizabeth will need to solve, it would be interesting to see how she handles all the drama around her. For example, Daisy is pregnant with the CIA operative’s child and Jay could finalize the divorce from his wife. Elizabeth is a very caring person, so the last thing she wants to see is her friends suffering.

Whatever the writers decide to do for the upcoming season, it will definitely be a great season. Season 3 set up season 4 for some potentially great storytelling and we know the writers will utilize it.

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