The Blacklist season 5 spoilers: The journey ahead for Aram, Samar

SamarWhen The Blacklist season 5 premieres on NBC this fall, there may be a chance for a little bit of love to be in the air for Aram and Samar. They’re one of those couples that almost everyone can get behind — they care about each other, and even though they’re dysfunctional-at-times and express those feelings in different ways, there’s something very entertaining that could come out of seeing them together. Based on the ending of season 4, it seems that we’re getting close to seeing that happening in season 5.

For further evidence, all you have to do is turn to a man who should certainly know what’s coming better than anyone in executive producer Jon Bokenkamp. Speaking on the subject of the two to Entertainment Weekly, he teased why now was the best time in his mind to allow the two parties to pair up:

“It just felt like time … That story had been teased as much as we could tease it, but we also wanted the win, we wanted the good guy to get the girl. The way in which Janet played out within this season was interesting, the bad girl opening Aram’s mind in the way that he thinks and operates, and yet he comes back to Samar. There’s a great dynamic between them that’s a little unusual. Our show has never been great at playing romance, so it’s a little bit of new territory for us, about it’s a great story and one that’s been fun to watch unfold.”

What we’d like to see play out for Aram and Samar is simply seeing how they try to navigate having a romance in the real world while also handling these difficult jobs. There is something that we always appreciate about getting to see extraordinary people in ordinary situations, like getting coffee or at home making dinner together. It clues you in so much as to who people really are at their core. We’re sure there will still be some conflict given that it’s impossible for there not to be given these jobs; we just hope that they’ve got the tools in place to get through anything. They should have the support of all of their friends and colleagues.

What else is coming?

Understandably, the thing that is getting the most attention moving into season 5 is the suitcase mystery and the bones, and understandably so. Liz Keen handled the Reddington reveal rather well, but there is a part of us thinking that he was mostly just trying to cover for a larger secret. This is one that Tom Keen has in his possession.

What could it be? We’ve had some fun discussing various theories on the subject already, with one of our favorites being the imposter theory suggesting that Reddington is not actually Reddington at all.

What do you want to see coming up for Aram and Samar on The Blacklist season 5? Be sure to share more thoughts on the matter below! (Photo: NBC.)

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