The Chicago Fire season 6 premiere title may freak out out

Chicago Fire season 6 premiere titleThe Chicago Fire season 6 premiere title is now available for viewing, and there is one easy reaction to have to it — jaws on the floor.

Per a report from executive producer Derek Haas on social media, the first episode back for the new season is entitled “It Wasn’t Enough.” It was written by Haas, and you have to figure that this one is going to have a lot of ground to cover.

We don’t want to beat around the bush all that much here, so let’s just start things off by sharing the one thing that was immediately on our mind when we saw this: “It wasn’t enough” could be a quote that someone says about the attempts to rescue some of the firefighters that are in jeopardy. Kammell, Casey, Mouch, and Severide were all in varying degrees of danger at the end of season 5 with that epic cliffhanger ending, and of that group, Mouch is absolutely the one that we’re the most worried about. Remember that he was just about to leave that job and move on to a new life in a little bit safer a career when this happened. Maybe something crazy will happen and the show will also find a way to keep Christian Stolte on the show — maybe this is a pipe dream, but it is also one that we’re trying to believe at the moment just because we don’t want to think that anything else is possible.

Of course, it’s also possible that this title is an epic red herring, given that producers clearly know and are familiar already with the fact that there are going to be people thinking the worst about this episode title right away. This is Chicago Fire, and that’s why we are worried. They showed with Leslie Shay that they have no problem killing people off. It may not be something they take pleasure in, but it’s realistic and a significant part of this world.

What else could be coming?

Haas already confirmed that you will have an opportunity to see coming up this season an appearance from Dawson’s father at the start of the season, and there may be more in the season to come after that. We also figure that Kelly won’t be completely over Anna after her death — it’s hard for him to, given that this was one of the most passionate and purest romances that he’s had in his life.

There are certainly going to be more developments to come for Brett, Boden, Dawson, and other characters, but we figure that Chicago Fire is going to be the sort to make you wait for some of it — there will be craziness in the cliffhangers, and then weeks to sift through the aftermath.

Now, your take

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