Suits season 7 spoilers: First photo of Dule Hill

Dule HillSuits season 7 will be premiering on USA in just under one week, and the presence of Dule Hill is just one reason to be excited.

With all of this said, you will have to wait for a little while longer given that the first appearance of Hill as Alex Williams is not going to come until Wednesday, July 12. The first photo above was shared via The Hollywood Reporter, and it features Williams certainly getting himself rather comfortable.

For the time being, details are fairly vague on this character beyond that he works at the firm Bratton Gould, and he has a rather impressive roster of clients. He also has a friendship on some level with Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), though apparently not a strong enough one that the two parties communicated on the show person-to-person before now. (Does Harvey have any friends that are really all that close? That’s one of the larger questions here.)

As for how Alex gets along with some of the other members of the firm, we expect him to be tough — you don’t get to where he is without working hard and getting the respect of those around you. He’s also likely going to bring with him a very different energy and way that he goes about doing things.

What’s the situation he’s coming into?

One with a lot of flux, which may actually be in part why we are seeing Alex Williams when we are. Harvey just became Managing Partner, Mike Ross is starting to find his place back at the firm, and it’s clear that this is a place that is in the midst of a serious publicity crisis. Mike violated the law working there and pretending to be a lawyer, and if you’re someone who is looking to take on representation at face value, this is going to be a huge red flag. It doesn’t quite matter what happens afterwards given that this is going to be the thing that everybody remembers.

Beyond the firm’s crisis, there will be many individual ones. Donna, for example, will be trying to figure out what she wants out of the next part of her life after her deal with The Donna didn’t quite work as she predicted that it would. Meanwhile, for Louis Litt he’s coming off of a terrible breakup with Tara (Carly Pope) and he has to figure out if there is a better way for him to get what he wants. Leading with honesty is probably the key there, since so much of their relationship was a manipulation based around who he thought he could be for her versus who he actually was and the things that he’d actually done.

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Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you do want to get some further news right now when it comes to the show. (Photo: USA.)

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