Big Brother 19 episode 4 review: The merits of Paul Abrahamian’s power

Paul AbrahmanianIf you think back to Sunday night’s new episode of Big BrotherPaul Abrahamian managed to secure the Pendant of Protection. This power enabled him safety for the first three weeks.

So did he need this Pendant earlier than expected? Well, we’ll get to that a little bit later in this review.

Before that, let’s talk about the aftermath of the nomination ceremony, where Alex was put up against Jillian. Clearly, this move motivated her to want to fight harder. Meanwhile, what we also learned is that Jessica hates Alex even more than he previously let on, and she wants to get rid of her immediately to have Cody all to herself.

Meanwhile, Paul did his part to convince Cody that he was his guy, but Cody wasn’t having it. He made it clear in Diary Rooms that he didn’t buy anything that he was selling.

The Den of Temptation returns

As a result of Paul giving into temptation last episode, the remaining houseguests had to enter the den, where each one of them had to insert their hand into his mouth. The person who ended up getting cursed was … Ramses. He has to be a special third nominee at some point over the next three evictions. Obviously, he doesn’t want to go out this early, and as a result of that, he’s not all too interested in showing his hand just yet.

Veto time!

Raven, Matt, and Jason joined Alex, Jillian, and Head of Household / resident egomaniac Cody in the competition. Meanwhile, Kevin was the host, which meant that he had to put on a ridiculous costume that may have been one of the funnier things that we’ve seen in recent memory. (Also, Kevin is amazing.)

There was one other twist when it comes to the competition: There was a chance for someone to earn a temptation that would make them immune from being a Have-Not. The person who got that was Raven, and we do think it was a little bit of an unneeded target for her since that is a big part of the show’s experience. You don’t want to stand out for ANY reason.

The Veto was fairly fun, but also drama-filled given that Cody effectively threw in the towel in order to let Alex win. Pure madness.

The Paul plan that no one knew about

Cody’s delusions were all over the place in here, but perhaps the biggest one of all was that he was fine to throw the Veto, nominate Paul, and not tell anyone that this was something that he was going to do. WHAT? He didn’t tell anyone leading up to the eviction, and only gave clues here and there while completely giving Paul the stone-cold treatment.

We don’t think that Cody is necessarily an idiot for nominating Paul, though a better player would have inferred that he would be the recipient of an early twist. He’s an idiot for not rallying numbers. Had Paul been actually nominated, we do think that the odds weren’t even in his favor that Paul would’ve gone home in the end.

The ceremony itself

Alex saved herself, Cody made a fool of himself with his speech to nominate Paul, and then Paul used the Pendant. His secret is out, and that’s not great.

As a result of this, Cody named Christmas the replacement nominee, otherwise known as another one of his allies. Great job, Cody. Tremendous entertainment, but terrible gameplay. Grade: A-.

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