Absentia promo: See the English-language version now!

Absentia promoYesterday, we posted the first version of the Absentia promo as created by Sony’s AXN with one caveat: It was in Polish. Now, we’re very much pleased to have the English-language version available to share.

The first thing to note here is that in terms of content, everything is the same as it was in the original version — for the sake of not being overly repetitive, you can check out some of our impressions of some of the aesthetics of it over at the link here. Here, we can talk a little bit more about some of the messaging, since we weren’t able to understand / translate some of that the first time around.

Her past – When that flashes across the screen, you see the story of Emily Byrne (Stana Katic) as told through some old FBI files bearing her name.

Her family – Here, you get a further reminder of everything that she holds dear — her relationship with her former husband Nick and her son Flynn. Remember that through her perspective, Emily will have a certain degree of hope that they are out there for her when she is back. She doesn’t have memories of what happened to her during her capture; therefore, some of the most important memories in her mind are those of her husband and son. Even if they weren’t some of the most-recent thoughts in her mind, they’d still be at the forefront.

Her duty – Here, you get a nice look at Emily’s badge: Special Agent Emily Byrne.

Her love – A wedding ring. The interesting thing here is that it looks more like a men’s wedding band, which could be symbolic in some way of Nick moving on past Emily to his new love in Alice. It wasn’t done out of malice; instead, it was done simply because of his thought process that she was long dead.

Following these little teases, the promo gets intense with the water and the pain before one chilling message comes on the screen: “she must remember.” If she does that, she may be able to provide the answers to the entire mystery at the heart of the show.

This teaser intentionally leaves things rather ambiguous when it comes to a premiere date, which is probably for the best since it could start at very different times depending on where you are located. There are homes secured in Poland, Spain, Canada, and some other countries, and plans right now suggest that the series will air there in the fall. Beyond that, there are still questions aplenty. Remember: If you are in America, we’ve broken down at length already some of the best television homes for Absentia across the board.

Now, let’s turn this over to you

Now that you’ve seen the full English-language promo for Absentia right now, what do you make of it? Be sure to share in the attached comments!

Also, a quick thank-you to the fine folks over at the official Absentia Twitter account for putting this English-language promo out there for the masses. (Photo: Sony.)

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