The Flash season 4: See Candice Patton, Keiynan Lonsdale back on set

Keiynan LonsdaleGreat news for all fans of The Flash — production is officially underway, and Candice Patton, Keiynan Lonsdale, and more are on set!

The short video below features the two actors (with a fidget spinner cameo thrown in there), proclaiming that the two are going to be back in action. It does make sense that these two are some of the first actors that we see at work on the show, mostly because they are two who are going to be more essential than almost anyone in the story for the upcoming season in the early going.

For early evidence of that, remember where season 3 left off — with Barry Allen sacrificing himself into the Speed Force in order to further ensure the safety of Central City. With him gone, we assume that Kid Flash is going to be responsible for keeping the city safe alongside Cisco Ramon a.k.a. Vibe, and Iris West will probably be more active at STAR Labs than ever before. Not only will she want to help her brother, but she’s also going to be very invested in finding a way to bring Barry back … provided of course that there is a way.

As for how much Grant Gustin we’re going to see in the premiere, the jury’s still out, but it’s hard to imagine an entire episode without at least a brief glimpse of him.

Rumor control

Despite whatever you may way want to assume right of the bat, Wally West isn’t going to become The Flash and/or wear the same costume that Barry did. Candice posted a photo (see the link below) of Lonsdale on set, and because of his red pants, there were some assumptions that he must have been promoted to main Flash. However, as she then reminded everyone, Kid Flash always had red pants. It’s probably just easy to forget that because the remainder of his costume is yellow.

We said recently that keeping Kid Flash in the same costume and with the same name is important — not only does this further establish his own identity, but it’s also rather insulting to suggest that he is somehow inferior and needs a new name the moment that Barry is gone. The character’s fun just the way that he is, and we’ve come to appreciate him all the more over time.

What else are we waiting for?

We do think that there are three primary mysteries that the fourth season of The Flash will be taking on — the status of Barry, meeting Clifford DeVoe for the first time, and also seeing what’s happened to Caitlin / Killer Frost in the months since the show was last on the air. Maybe some of the answers to these mysteries will be uncovered over the next week and a half; if not then, maybe some answers will be coming at San Diego Comic-Con with the show’s panel.

What do you want to see from Iris and Wally on The Flash season 4? Be sure to share some of your thoughts / hopes now in the comments! (Photo: The CW.)

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