MacGyver season 2 filming set to begin, but when?

MacGyver season 2 filmingIf you find yourself excited and ready for MacGyver season 2 filming to start up, we come bearing some super-great news: It’ll be coming before you know it!

Just in case you’re wondering about a more specific timeline, think next week! Justin Hires (a.k.a. the incredible Bozer) posted on Instagram that the show’s going to be starting up sooner rather than later. That means that there are more crazy cases coming, more action, and hopefully some more great character moments for Justin and the rest of the case.

Season 1 in general was a real coming-of-age story for Bozer, given that the man kicked things off completely oblivious as to his roommate / friend Mac’s double-life with the Phoenix Foundation. By the end of the season, though, he was fully immersed as an employee and repeatedly putting his on the line. The biggest thing that we want to see there is strictly more of this! Also, we do hope that there are some opportunities for Bozer and Riley to build on the chemistry that’s already there. If you watch TV in order to smile and have a good time, it’s pretty difficult to not ‘ship the two of them together in some capacity.

MacGyver season 2 will premiere in September, and of course we imagine that there is going to be SO much more to say about the show before we get to that point. Think of this as just one appetizer — the next is coming after the Instagram post…

What more is there to say here?

It’s Lucas Till with a cute dog! Apparently the production office has a new pet for the upcoming season, and they’re adorable! Lucas and the dog will hopefully become the best of friends when he’s not busy coming up with crazy contraptions in order to save the Phoenix Foundation team from almost-certain death.

It’s fun to see the cast starting to get towards filming, and there’s a lot to look forward to if the show ends up being a tonal reflection of what we had at the end of season 1 — of course, there’s a lot for MacGyver to also fear given that Murdoc is still out there causing some chaos.

Want some other MacGyver teasers?

Before you go, we suggest that you take a look at our story archive! We’re going to have so much more when it comes to updates between now and the premiere, so be on the lookout for that. (Photo: CBS.)

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