Caity Lotz on Legends of Tomorrow season 3, hope for Sara relationship

Caity LotzProduction for Legends of Tomorrow season 3 is set to begin at some point later this week, and with that, why not hear from Caity Lotz? Last season, Sara Lance formally took the reigns as the new leader of the Legends, and with that we had a chance to see all sorts of assorted awesomeness from her. She took on the Legion of Doom, welcomed new team members, and experienced everything from an Evil Rip Hunter to an epic crossover with the other CW shows.

So where in the world would Lotz like to see the story for Sara go from here? Will, a big part of that involves her personal life. In a new video via DC All Access see below (shot earlier this year at upfronts), the actress detailed a little more of what she wants to see from her character:

“I’d to see her have a good relationship — not just a fling, but a good love relationship would be nice.”

Who could that be with? There are a lot of different possibilities that are certainly out there, whether it is that you bring someone like Leonard Snart or Nyssa al Ghul back or you find a way to introduce someone new. A long-term Sara relationship would be great just because her vulnerable side is something that is so rarely explored; even when she kissed Snart at the end of season 1, the two never had much of a chance to explore that further.

As for the subject of the show’s cliffhanger ending (which saw dinosaurs somehow find their way into the present as a result of the Legends violating a key rule of time travel), Lotz made it clear that history could be so much more skewed on the upcoming season than it’s ever been before — so you should just go ahead and prepare for that now:

“I think this time we’re not going to see history as we remembered it. Before, you traveled back and history was kind of what’s in the textbooks. Now that we’ve broken time, anything could be everywhere and everything could be crazy.”

What else do we know?

The big thing is that Arthur Darvill is going to be returning once more as Rip Hunter, though he will not be the same Rip Hunter that you remember from season 1 or season 2. This time around, he will be leading a new group trying to control time and keep further interruptions from happening; there are no Time Masters, so he’ll try to make himself responsible for keeping things together.

Beyond that, we do know that the casting of a Muslim-American “hacktivist” character has become a reality. It’s something that Caity mentions in this video, long before the news was actually official. The series will return to The CW this coming October, so there will be further opportunities to discuss it as time goes on. (Time? Get it?)

Anyhow, be sure to share in the comments below some of what you want to see on Legends of Tomorrow season 3. (Photo: The CW.)

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