Will Elementary season 6 feature a time jump?

Elementary season 6When Elementary season 6 premieres on CBS, are we going to have a chance in the process to jump forward in time at some point? At the moment, this appears to be one of many options that is on the table. The show’s executive producer in Rob Doherty does not seem altogether eager to rule anything out for the time being.

In speaking on this subject further in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Doherty commented in about as coy a fashion as someone could to the discussions that the show could move things along following the discovery of Sherlock’s condition in the finale:

“It’s certainly on the table, but I’m not ready to commit just yet … It’s something the writers and I will discuss when we reconvene.”

If there is a time jump, we personally hope that it doesn’t happen for the first episode or two since you’d be skipping over some of the most important parts of the show: Whether or not Sherlock can recover and still be the same person that he was. His mind isn’t working properly, and having those close to him confront this and work alongside him on it would make for the bulk of the story and play beautifully into the tremendous heart of the show. If you don’t emphasize that and jump forward, you do run the risk of not delivering a product that doesn’t effectively contain anywhere near the same sort of emotional power. Jonny Lee Miller is a fantastic actor, and watching Sherlock struggle, even for a brief time, will be worthwhile viewing.

Beyond that, we do certainly understand that this is a series based in part on the story-of-the-week component, and you do need to have Holmes and Watson out there in the field in order for that to work. Therefore, allow us to spend some time with Sherlock, see the start of his recovery, and then move forward. You can then get back to more of what you do so effectively with the mystery component. We’re acutely aware that thee stories are one of the big reasons why there are so many people watching.

Now, the bad news

Waiting. It’s terrible, and you are going to be doing that for a long time between now and when season 6 premieres. Think of the premiere date as likely for March, once we get past awards and NFL season. CBS will have a little more space in their schedule, whether it be on Sundays or some other point down the road. We know that it may sound scary, but we wouldn’t be shocked if Saturdays are on the table given that there’d be confidence that this loyal following would watch. CBS also doesn’t have that much invested in the live+same day ratings here since the show makes so much money internationally.

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