Shadowhunters season 2 episode 15 spoilers: Alec – Magnus trouble

Alec - MagnusIs there some Alec – Magnus trouble coming on Shadowhunters season 2 episode 15? Early indications, including a sneak peek, suggest so.

In this preview, what you see is a further exploration into the past of Harry Shum Jr.’s character than we’ve seen on the series to date. He is looking back to some of the trauma that he’s experienced many years in the past, and is trying to figure out a right way to emotionally deal with some of that. However, a big part of the problem there is that he’s not sure how to cope with this. Opening up is not in his skill set; he wasn’t brought up in a way that nurtures that, and while he has a partner in Alec who wants to be there for him, he is regrettably not someone who has really figured out how to open up. That may change over time, but that is the key twist here: It’s going to take time, and is not something that will come to him tomorrow.

Alec informs Magnus when he wakes up that he knows that something is wrong with him — he knows him, and the two haven’t woken up together in weeks. He wants to know what’s wrong, and Magnus insists that it’s nothing. As for how long he can keep up this charade of not speaking the truth, that still remains to be seen. For the time being, though, our sentiment is that he’s not going to be able to do this for long. If he does, it could mean the end of their relationship since without communication or having those serious talks things do tend to break down. Sooner or later, everyone has a breaking point and the longer there is secrets between them, the worse off that they could be.

Here’s your sign of hope for Malec … for now: The two kiss at the end of the preview. They have that attraction still going for them.

Oh, and they have plenty of distractions

There may not be all that much time for either party to really focus on the ins and outs of their relationship for a little while, mostly because the two of them do have another issue to worry about here in the form of Sebastian. The only problem is that for now, they don’t quite realize just how big of a threat he really is. That’s something that is being reserved for a little bit down the road this season, but when it happens, expect the drama to explode.

Also, there are some other relationships to consider that are on the brink. Will Clary and Simon survive what happened with the kiss? If anything, what we know is that there are some more SERIOUS conversations that the two need to have.

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