Big Brother 19 episode 3 review: Why Megan Lowder left and more

why Megan Lowder leftTonight, Big Brother 19 will offer up all sorts of insight in the house, and also some of the events that led to why Megan Lower left. Also, you’re going to have a chance to see Paul enter the Den of Temptation for the first time. (If you’ve seen the feeds, you’ve got a sense about all of that.)

The first thing that the show did on Sunday night was give you a good sense of where Megan’s head was at emotionally — she wasn’t doing well. She felt like the entire house was out to get her and out to make her miserable, especially the likes of Cody and Josh. She needs support, and doesn’t have much of it in the house.

After this moment of emotional heartache, we then went into (ugh) showmance territory. You had Mark and Elena flirting with each other, Cody and Jessica getting closer, and then Matthew and Raven set to some freaky music.

Beyond that, do you want to talk the Have-Not twist? Well, it’s boring, but there are spikes in the room and there is a twist in which someone can pull a lever and effectively the chute. It’s a major risk to take, since if you pull the wrong lever, you get an “extension.”

Let’s talk the Pao Pao – Panda controversy

As it turns out, it appears that much of this actually stemmed from Jessica calling Alex “Pao Pao,” a nickname that is a reference to Paola from season 16 of the show. Megan apparently thought that she heard Jessica say “panda,” which is where all of this started. The game of Big Brother telephone began, and it led to Jessica and Alex each finding out about it. Alex eventually confronted Megan about it, who stood by her story; however, Jessica denied saying it.

Ultimately, we don’t think that Megan was trying to stir the pot here — she must have seriously thought that she said “panda” for whatever reason. She’s seen the show before, so she understands that racism is the sort of thing that can ruin someone’s life. Anyway, the fallout of this and the disdain she had from everyone else in the house was enough for her to leave.

The one thing that is interesting is that when Jessica relayed the story back to Alex, she didn’t mention that she referred to her as Pao Pao. Whether or not that nickname is problematic is something we’ll leave to you to decide.

Enter the Den of Temptation

The way that the twist works is that the remaining houseguests go into the Den, and there they are told whether or not America has chosen to offer them something. It’s a fairly cool room, one that seems to be narrated by Wizard Brendon from Big Brother 12.

The person who was given the temptation was, as known to the live-feeders, Paul! He’s now got the Pendant of Protection, which will keep him safe in the game for the next three evictions. The irony here is that there are plenty of houseguests who could use a Pendant of Protection at one point or another in the house…

Remaining odds and ends

The show tonight didn’t show who had the punishment — we won’t discuss it here, in the event that you haven’t kept up to date on the feeds. Instead, what we got was Cody nominating Alex for eviction, more showmance talk, and Kevin be ridiculous. Kevin is our ideal houseguest, someone who is both completely oblivious about the game while also competent at the same time. He doesn’t even say “emoji” properly!

Final Verdict

We do feel rather bad for Megan given that this all seems to be a misunderstanding, but watching the houseguests react was fascinating television. As for the Den of Temptation, it’s a fun twist, but one that is tainted by Paul being there. We love “your boy,” but he was obviously going to get this.

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Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you do want some additional news when it comes to the show, including updates courtesy of the live feed! We’ll be back with another one later tonight. (Photo: CBS.)

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