Power season 4 episode 3 spoilers: Can Tasha or Tommy help Ghost?

Power season 4 episode 3

Moving into Power season 4 episode 3 on Starz next week, there is one thing that is especially clear: Ghost’s walls are closing in. While Angela may be more acutely aware, even if it’s on an unconscious level, that her ex may be innocent of what happened to Greg, she’s not willing to give in to that just yet. John is out for blood, and there is still so much evidence working against him — including the DNA under Greg’s fingernails.

At this point. Jamie needs help from everywhere he possibly can, and in the preview that aired following Sunday’s episode, we saw further examples of how he could be looking to either Tasha or Tommy as a way to get some of that. For the latter, he may have more of an incentive than ever before — if Jamie goes down, then Tommy needs to realize that he is going to fall victim to the case that is being built against him. It’s the idea of John and others to paint him as the Ghost, the villain — he’s going to need to figure out a way to work around that.

Ghost will be dealing with a lot in the midst of all of this drama, but will a conversation with Angela change anything? She will be coming to see him on next week’s episode, and of course we’re left to wonder already if this was something that was even remotely authorized given that John doesn’t seem altogether interested in having Angela directly involved in the case. He recognizes that she is poison to everything that is happening thanks to the preexisting relationship that is there.

It’s too bad the the biggest thing that Ghost needs is for Mike Sandoval to slip up, and to date this is a guy who’s done a rather incredible job of being super-slick and not let a single thing stick to him even on the occasions it looks as though it will.

Beyond Ghost’s future

There is also the issue of Tariq, which is going to get more and more complicated the more that Kanan has him running around doing “jobs” with him. The clear problem now is that Tariq feels like he’s so far past the point of no return, he resents his father, and he’s not listening to his mother on just about anything. Trying to get him to turn around in the midst of all of this feels impossible.

What Tariq needs is a good influence to pop up form him, but who could that be? Is it really Tommy, who is running all sorts of illegal operations in his own right?

Now, let’s pose the question

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