Is a Real Housewives of Potomac season 3 renewal assured over at Bravo?

Potomac season 3 renewalIs a Real Housewives of Potomac season 3 renewal a done deal? Based on what is going on with the ratings at the moment, it feels close to it.

Through most of the first season of the show on Bravo, we saw the series averaging in the 1.6 million viewer range per episode, making this the most-popular first season of the franchise in years. Even though Potomac doesn’t have anywhere near the same name recognition of a Miami or a Washington DC (who both have their own versions of the franchise), it has found a way to become so much more viable commercially for the network.

Moving into season 2, most of those ratings stayed — at times, they even expanded when the show was airing after The Real Housewives of Atlanta during the early gone. Even though the numbers may not match up exactly with that show off the air, there is very little reason for Bravo to end the show. Any cable show getting over 1.5 million live viewers on average in 2017 is an extremely rare feat.

So when will said renewal be announced? If it is as assured as we think that it is on paper, our sentiment is that something further is going to be announced when we get around to the end of the summer. After all, production needs to make that official in order to ensure that there is time to cast the show (more than likely, the bulk of people will be coming back) and figure out a little bit more in terms of where the story could go from here on out. The same goes for finding new travel destinations and events for the ladies to attend. (Do you really think that any of these parties or vacations are spontaneous? Not in the slightest.)

What Potomac brings to the franchise

For one, specificity. While you do hear a good bit about Atlanta /New York / Los Angeles culture on other shows, this is a region that is very specific and a culture that is very distinct from any other. People are extraordinarily wealthy, and despite the close proximity to Washington, they have plenty of their own stuff that they have to gossip back. The fights are frequent, the drama rampant, and it’s still full of some of the classic Real Housewives tropes and cliches. It’s just that the new coat of paint here is a little bit more exciting and different than the majority of other shows that are out there.

Bravo isn’t going to want to lose this show. You just have to sit back and await for some further announcements to be made now.

What do you think: Should there be a Real Housewives of Potomac season 3 renewal? When do you think that Bravo should announce it? Share in the comments below!

Preview the reunion show

Trust us: You’re going to want to do that! If you head over to the link here, you can see a little bit of the various craziness that is going to be coming up. (Photo: Bravo.)

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