Psych: The Movie spoilers: Ralph Macchio to return

Ralph MacchioGoing into Psych: The Movieone of the things that the USA show has going for it is a complete who’s-who roster of fantastic performers from the show’s history. Ralph Macchio is just one of them, which is why it’s such a thrill to see that he is coming back.

Macchio and the series both confirmed late this past week his return, whereas Entertainment Weekly announced that he will be reprising his season 5 role of Nick Conforth, the police academy officer who trained Shawn and Gus back in the day. (Macchio also appeared in the season 8 remake episode “Remake A.K.A. Cloudy…With a Chance of Improvement,” but in a different role. Isn’t Psych meta like that?)

For a small sample of Macchio’s past work, check out the scene below from the aforementioned season 5 episode. Shawn and Gus introduce themselves to Nick, while also showing off their replica Police Academy training outfits. He makes it clear that he doesn’t want any lip from the two of them, which somehow goes into a discussion about the last time Shawn cried during a commercial on TV. (Let’s just say that it involves dogs and Sarah McLachlan.)

For a few more details now on why we’re seeing Macchio back now, let’s send it over to creator Steve Franks! He tells the aforementioned website the following:

“He’s actually a big catalyst to get our investigation going. He holds one of the key pieces of information … He actually functioned perfectly within the framework of the story and that was kind of the key [to bringing his character back].”

What else do we know about Psych: The Movie?

It’s premiering around Christmastime, and you will see Zachary Levi stopping by as the potential villain of the episode. Meanwhile, Dule Hill’s real-life fiancee and Ballers co-star will be playing the part of a new love interest. (Hey, Gus has needed some lovin’ for a long time now!) There could very well be other familiar faces and cameos that turn up, but there are obviously certain things that you don’t want coming out before the movie actually happens!

The entire show’s cast is expected to return, and there is still a part of us that wakes up every day surprised and thrilled that this is even happening in the first place. Anyone who reads this site knows that Psych is one of our all-time favorite shows, and it’s even one of the few shows out there where we have a list of some of our all-time favorite episodes online. It just celebrates fun and lightness and joy in a way that few other programs do, while still giving you a fun little mystery component as well to keep you actively engaged in the story and who could’ve been responsible along the way.

Now, turning this over to you

Let us know what you think about the Ralph Macchio casting now in the comments — and also let us know in the process how you want to see Shawn and Gus troll his character. (Photo: USA.)

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