Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Alex, say what?? (day 11)

day 11A quick change in our programming for our Big Brother 19 live feed coverage this season: While Sunday-Friday will have a morning and evening update (with breaking coverage for competitions / twists), we’ll be doing something a little bit different with Saturdays. There’ll be a morning / early afternoon update, and then one when the Veto is played on the days there is no competition.

Today, there is no Veto since it was already played and Alex has it. It’s also Canada Day, so consider this the big update for the time being; we’ll play a little bit of catch-up to all of the live-feed craziness at some point tomorrow morning.

The main event from day 11 in the house so far comes via Alex, who has decided that it would be a good idea to consider using her Veto on Jillian rather than herself. Wait … what? there’s a reasonably good chance that this won’t happen, mostly because the people who always talk up this lunacy don’t go through with it in the end. Alex’s whole idea right now hinges on Cody saying that he wants to have her around until jury, which is something that she is taking seriously. If Alex uses the Veto on Jillian and Jason goes up (which is what she thinks may happen), Alex goes home. She’s ruffled too many feathers and shown at this point that she’s pretty competent in some of these competitions. Why keep someone who likes to speak her mind, is outside the majority, and can win stuff? Makes zero sense.

Like we said, this almost certainly won’t happen, but Alex does run her mouth so much that it’s easy to use some of her comments against her.

Cody’s mystery plan

Cody had a discussion with Alex and Jillian shortly after Alex started to lose her mind, claiming that he has a secret plan that will make sense when it happens. With that said, he doesn’t want to tell anyone what it is until right before it happens.

Can we count the ways as to why this is terrible?

1. He earns nobody’s trust, and seems to think of all of them as just pieces on his chessboard rather than people he should connect with.

2. He’ll earn a perception of wild card.

3. He will nominate someone without any assurance that this person could actually go home, unless it’s Jason.

Personally, we think Cody must still be holding onto this desire to backdoor Paul and get him out of the game, which is going to blow up royally in his face thanks to Paul being safe thanks to the temptation that he has. That means that Paul will stay, and will immediately gun after Cody since he knows that he’s a duplicitous dude who will lie straight to his face. Once again, terrible on Cody’s part. It does hurt since it exposes Paul’s power, but he has a few weeks to start to smooth things over.

What we previously missed

Last night, Kevin told Paul that he was the one who took the $25,000 prize, cementing a bond between the two. We’re here for this alliance! It’s ridiculous, but it should also be fun.

Other coverage

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