Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 6 spoilers: Jake and Alicia ‘bond’

AliciaOnly on a show like Fear the Walking Dead can people like Jake and Alicia find some sort of solace in learning to shoot a gun. Nonetheless, this is the subject of the latest sneak preview from Sunday night’s new episode (which we have for your viewing pleasure below). Maybe Alicia does feel a certain way about Jake, but we’d be hard-pressed to say that she’s just looking at him with full on love-goggles. This isn’t the same Alicia we saw on the Abigail in season 2. She’s learned something, and she’s putting that to the test.

As she and Jake engage in their little “lesson,” you can see the character start to get some information from her almost-boyfriend on the subject of the Broke Jaw Ranch power structure, and how it’s more libertarian by rule and they don’t necessarily view any one leader as all that important.

Nonetheless, it is interesting to see Jake rather hesitant when he suggests that he is not the de-facto leader over his brother Troy in the event that something happens to their father Jeremiah. Somehow, there could be some drama there! Given that Troy is psychotic, we’re not sure how anyone would really want that … but, then again, maybe this is a psychotic world and one that therefore does need a psychotic ruler at the top of it.

The best way to describe all of this is the equivalent of a chin-scratch emoji. Alicia’s learned a thing or two from Madison about gathering information. Maybe it doesn’t matter, but it absolutely helps to understand more of how Jake perceives the surrounding world.

One interesting trend we’ve noticed

While the ratings for Fear the Walking Dead aren’t rising, there is one thing that does seem to be the sentiment surrounding the show. Reviews are becoming more positive, and there is a feeling that this is a show starting to really establish itself as a solid family drama with crazy zombie elements thrown in. Broke Jaw Ranch is probably the show’s best venue given that you’ve got some sort of established community, and a smart mystery that thankfully stems beyond just the main characters trying to survive. Watching this preview, and seeing some hesitancy on Jake’s part over the relationship between himself, his father, and Troy, is certainly rather telling to where we are at present.

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You can head over here in the event that you do want to get some further news on the coming episode! We imagine that we’re going to have more to share before long that is worth checking out. (Photo: AMC.)

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