Poldark season 3 spoilers: Eleanor Tomlinson on Demelza story, behind-the-scenes teases

Eleanor TomlinsonElenaor Tomlinson is someone who’s spent a great deal of time playing Demelza on the BBC’s Poldark; with that, she knows her well! The interview from earlier this week on Breakfast proves that, and it also gives you a good sense of what it is really like working on the series and filming in those conditions in Cornwall. Let’s just say that there’s a good reason why most of the cast looks forward to getting away from those very-cold hills by the coast so that they can have a meal instead!

Tomlinson does a wonderful job in this video of offering up a little bit more insight into the rigors of filming, doing what are long gazes alongside the local cliffs, and also discussing briefly some of the changes to this season — including the arrivals of Sam and Drake to the series and how a certain someone else could catch Demelza’s eye before the season is over. (The last we saw Poldark, Ross was returning home to his pregnant wife after spending some time in France.)

One other fun tidbit that comes out of this interview? Learning how Tomlinson is basically handed big globs of dough for those baking scenes. (Seriously, you didn’t think that she actually sat there and made some of that herself, right?)

Sure, this interview does have some of the same sort of goofy quirks that you often do get from British TV interviews, especially when it comes to the hosts trying to get Tomlinson to recreate something in the middle of the interview like she’s some sort of show pony rather than a person. Sometimes, we do think that shows have a tendency to try to create viral moments more so than they do have an interesting, relatable interview — but that’s just a personal criticism from our end. It’s really not that big of a deal since Tomlinson handles all of it with grace, just as you would expect her to all things considered.

What do you want to see from Eleanor Tomlinson on Poldark season 3 the rest of the way? Be sure to share in the comments below! 

Meanwhile, head over here in the event you do want some further news on the show, whether it be in the vein of awards nominations or recent ratings. A new episode will be airing on the BBC Sunday. (Photo: BBC.)

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