Arrow season 6 Big Bad will be familiar character

Arrow season 6 Big BadTo date, the producers have kept the Arrow season 6 Big Bad firmly under wraps … but will that stay this way forever?

Signs at the moment seem to suggest “not so much.” According to a new report coming in right now via TVLine, the new villain that is currently being cast is someone that fans have been wanting to see for a while. Therefore, we’re looking at a comic character, and someone who’s not being plucked from complete obscurity. Odds are, this also means that the show isn’t taking a character and completely reinventing them like the did with Prometheus, who may as well have been a completely original creation when you think about how much he differed from a previous villain bearing that name.

So who could this be? With Gotham on and going strong, it’s probably not someone tied too much to Batman, and unfortunately, there aren’t too many Green Arrow specific villains left. Onomatopoeia remains a strong possibility, just because this is a character with significant Green Arrow ties (he’s also been around Batman, but that shouldn’t be an issue here) who could fit in with this show’s world. The big problem is that name, given that Onomatopoeia is a hard thing to say out loud while still taking him seriously. He’s a deadly, dangerous character who’s different enough from most previous foes to stand out.

If the show’s going with a female villain, then you can argue that Camorogue and Limelight could be intriguing possibilities — though they’d probably both have to be changed up somewhat from their comic origins in order to further suit this show, which does tend to be far darker and more grounded.

Ultimately, odds are that we learn a thing or two about the show’s villains by around the time we roll around to San Diego Comic-Con a little bit later this summer. Isn’t that the perfect time for such an announcement? The thing that we are worried for is that anyone who joins the show will have a hard time living up to the excellence of Josh Segarra from this past season.

What do you think about these characters as potential Arrow Big Bads? Is there any that strikes your fancy? Be sure to share in the comments!

Meanwhile, head over here in the event you want to get some more news right now when it comes to the show. (Photo: The CW.)

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