The X-Files season 11: Gillian Anderson laments lack of female directors

Gillian AndersonRecently The X-Files season 11 revealed their full slate of creative talent, and there was a trend with it that stretches back to the show’s past. All of the writers / directors for the upcoming batch of episodes are men, which means that once more, the show’s continuing a pretty shocking trend.

As Gillian Anderson notes in a post below, only two episodes in the show’s run were directed by women — herself and Michelle MacLaren, who has gone on to direct Breaking Bad and many other incredible shows out there. There are also only six women to receive a writing credit on the show, as well. This is a further sign of the show’s imbalance, and also something that hopefully will change if the show is brought back for even more episodes down the road.

Anderson already has a been a purveyor of change when it comes to this show and a push for more equality; she was deservedly firm during the negotiation process that she and her co-star David Duchovny should be treated as equals in terms of their salary, and that is likely something also reflected in the negotiations for this time around. That’s the thing with this show — it’s about two characters, one male and one female. There should be opportunities for there to be equal voices expressed behind the scenes just as there are opportunities for the actors to be paid the same in front of the camera.

Filming for the new season of The X-Files is going to be starting up a little bit later this summer; while Fox has not been so kind as to unveil an official premiere date just yet, signs point to the show coming back on the air in January or February. Hopefully the ratings remain strong, and there are chances for there to be more episodes — and, in turn, more of the representation that Anderson is advocating for.

This piece is not intended by any means to disparage the quality of the writers who are coming back — many of them are very talented. We also just feel like there could be more time spread between a wide array of different creative talents.

What do you make of these comments from Gillian Anderson? Be sure to share some more of your thoughts on the matter below!

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