Ink Master interview: Bang, Danger Dave of Tri-Cities Tattoo talk elimination

Tri-Cities Tattoo

Danger Dave and Bang from Tri-Cities Tattoo shop had a rough go of things on this season of Ink Master, but we think that if they were competing on their own they would’ve made it a lot further then they did. Because of the shops working together twist, Bang and Danger Dave were at a bit of a disadvantage since they haven’t worked together as closely as some of the other teams and unfortunately we lost them in the elimination this week.

We had a chance to talk to both Bang and Danger Dave about their experience this season on Ink Master, their elimination and how their working relationship has been since being on the show. We have that interview for you below!

CarterMatt: When you were in the bottom this week, did you think you were going home?

Bang: I definitely didn’t think I was going home. What they didn’t show was the jury of peers actually voted for Artistic Skin Design to go home, but because the majority of the house had an alliance with them [they stayed]. One person from the group made the vote turn in their favor. I definitely didn’t think we were going home after being chosen to be sent to the bottom. Was sure that Think Before You Ink were going home.

Danger Dave: I knew there was a chance we could go to the bottom, but I didn’t think we were gonna go home. Nobody in the house felt like we were going home. The general feeling was that it was gonna be Artistic Skin Design, because everyone knew that they had the worst set of tattoos that week and also because Black Anchor had just been sent home with a similar situation.

Were you surprised that Artistic Skin Design wasn’t in danger because of their variance from the challenge?

Bang: I was very surprised, but then again I wasn’t because the house had already formed an alliance. Their tattoo didn’t meet the challenge at all, but there is definitely some favoritism going on and they were saved by that alliance.

Danger Dave: I personally didn’t care that they didn’t do cherub tattoos, so I didn’t feel like they should have been in danger for that reason. But they should have at least been at the bottom, because their tattoos were the most poorly executed that week. I think it says a lot about the integrity of the judging that Allegory Arts were at the bottom and Artistic Skin Design wasn’t.

Do you both wish that you had collaborated more going into the show in retrospect?

Bang: I think collaborating more may have helped, but nothing can prepare you for this competition honestly. There’s always a curve-ball.

Danger Dave: In retrospect, we definitely should have collaborated more going into the show. We didn’t know that we were going to have to do tattoos together. I thought it would be like last season where they had teams, but still did individual tattoos.

How is your relationship after going through this?

Bang: Our relationship has changed a little honestly, but through it all we managed to keep a friendship.

Danger Dave: We are good. We’re like brother and sister. We have some issues, but it’s all love at the end of the day.

What was the tattoo you were most proud of?

Bang: I was most proud of our snake tattoo. It met the challenge and I felt this one had the least amount of “technical application” issues that the judges kept throwing at us.

Danger Dave: The tattoo that I’m most proud of ironically is the tattoo of the cherub that got us sent home. It had a few technical issues, because the location was bad for two people to be tattooing at the same time. It required a delicate approach that just wasn’t possible under the circumstances. Outside of a few small issues, it was a beautiful tattoo that I’m sure most people would wear over most of the other tattoos that were done that day.

Made Rich was the center of a lot of conflict. Do you think he was using conflict as a strategy?

Bang: Made Rich is a character. I definitely think he gets off on drama and just being the center of attention. He’s cocky and I’m not sure why. You know what they say: “The loudest one in the room is usually the brokest” (laughs).

Danger Dave: It wasn’t a secret – everyone knew that Made Rich had a plan coming in to shake things up. It was actually a great strategy for getting attention, but it will probably lead to his team not being in the competition too long.

If someone wants to book you for a tattoo, what’s the best way for a client to reach you?

Bang: The best way to reach me for a tattoo appointment is through email: [email protected]

Danger Dave: The best way to get in touch with me for a tattoo appointment is through email at [email protected]


A special thanks to both Bang and Danger Dave for talking to us about their time on the show. If you are looking for more scoop on what’s coming up on the next new episode of Ink Master season 9 (plus other interviews with eliminated artists) then head on over to the link here. (Photo: Spike)

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