Big Brother host Julie Chen inspires women to dream big: Women empowerment series

Julie ChenJulie Chen is a woman of many hats. She is the host of the popular CBS show Big Brother, a host on The Talk, a respected journalist, a well-known TV anchor and she is a mother. Offering a look at what women can do without being pigeon-holed into one particular professional role, Julie Chen reminds women that life is full of opportunities and it’s perfectly acceptable to be outstanding at more than one job. It’s empowering to see her on more than one TV show and viewers respond to her extraordinary talents.

Julie Chen has more than one job

With the upcoming Big Brother premiere, Julie Chen is getting ready, (once again) for an epic season of the reality show competition. She balances her time in front of the camera on prime time with her other job of being a host on The Talk. Complimenting each show, the viewers love to see her more than once a day. Fans enjoy the way she is able to separate the two shows while still offering her unique style and focus.

Can you name a male host who is on more than one TV show currently on the tube? A name probably popped right into your mind immediately. Plus the guys probably get plenty of kudos for being so busy. It’s not the same for women though and Julie Chen is leading the way in showing this can change.

Julie Chen is a perfect example of what women need to do to be outstanding in more than one job or opportunity and for that reason Chen is the latest woman highlighted in the Women Empowerment TV series.

Why only one job? Careers for women can be multifaceted

The typical stereotypes pushed on women years ago is that they could only do one thing. Impressing upon them to be satisfied just to be part of the workforce – this is no longer the case.

Women in today’s world face many challenges in the workforce. Frankly, there is a lingering idea that once a woman finds a profession that fits, she should be satisfied that this is the place she belongs her entire lifetime. The one job to one women equation is so ridiculously outdated. It’s almost as if people can’t believe women can multi-task on a professional level. News flash: women are excellent multi-taskers.

Big Brother wouldn’t be Big Brother without Julie Chen

Creating a niche, Julie Chen has revealed the ultimate example of making your own way in a professional setting. What is the first thing you think of when reflecting on the popular CBS series Big Brother? Julie Chen of course. The talented entertainer truly has defined the reality series for viewers. Watching the show, fans know that Julie Chen is the face who effortlessly guides the reality show. The house guests find any engagement with her during their confinement a welcomed opportunity.

Seize every opportunity coming your way.

If you take anything away from looking at Julie Chen’s amazing career, it should be you can do more than one thing and you don’t need permission to try. Chen is successful because she applied herself to situations where she could do her best and succeeded. Yes, she has more than one job on TV and she can easily handle it.  Just look at her continued success on Big Brother and The Talk.

If you’re looking to empower yourself, never apologize for being successful at more than one task. You can be outstanding at more than one occupation and it’s possible to parallel your talents in ways that weren’t available years ago. Embrace new opportunities and see how you can be the best at everything you do. Not only is it inspiring, you will make more money too! Dream big by using every talent you have!

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