Is a Pretty Little Liars spin-off coming after series finale?

Liars spin-offIn the closing minutes of the series finale, we certainly saw some of the first seeds planted for a Pretty Little Liars spin-off — though, to be fair, this may be a rather loose term for it.

Basically, what we ended up seeing in the closing minutes was a kidnapping, and a new set of girls who saw basically the cycle of the show begin again. It’s certainly a strong premise for a show (just look at what we went through), but there is one thing that you should be aware of right away: There is nothing ordered as of right now. The series finale is the series finale, and if there is something more down the road, it probably will not take away from that.

Nonetheless, we don’t blame creator I. Marlene King or the writers for fooling around with this concept, and implanting something that they could turn back towards down the road if that is something that they want to do. This property is the most lucrative one for Freeform, and moving past that will be hard given that this is something that makes them money. We know already that King is developing The Perfectionists, which could be linked in some way. That show is still a long way from premiering, so be prepared to wait a long time for that.

Now, what we want to know from you is this: If there is some sort of spin-off down the road, whether it features the characters tonight or someone else, will you watch? Are you open to diving back into a mystery like this? The thing that we’ll say about this ending is that it’s similar to How I Met Your Mother and many other shows that sell you on a big reveal in the end: It’s almost impossible to match some of the expectations that are out there. Instead, you just have to be okay with the journey that you went on, and the fun that was undertaken putting the clues together and coming up with theories. Having an ending that may or may not be what you liked does not invalidate any of that by any means.

In getting back to that question, share in the poll below whether or not you’d watch a spin-off show!

Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you want some further news on the Pretty Little Liars series finale. (Photo: Freeform.)


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