Could a Pretty Little Liars season 8 revival happen after series finale?

Pretty Little Liars season 8 revivalIs it too early to discuss a Pretty Little Liars season 8 revival? Probably, but that’s still not stopping us from discussing it.

After all, the first thing to remember here more so than anything else is that we’re in this era where revivals / new shows run rampant, and there is always talk about something coming back in some shape or form. It shouldn’t be much of a shock that the same exact thing could happen here.

Now that we’ve said that, there are no plans for such a revival to take place, at least for the time being. Lucy Hale already has a new show in Life Sentence coming onto The CW. Meanwhile, many of the other former cast members are probably going to try their hand at movies or other TV gigs. Everyone will become rather busy, but most busy doing other things. While they all do seem to have a soft spot in their heart for all things PLL, that doesn’t mean as though they’ll be interested in doing this for the next several years of their lives. This could be the perfect time for a little bit of a break in order to try something new.

With that said, you have to take a never-say-never philosophy with stuff like this. Years down the road, maybe there is an interest in a reunion and a new, shorter mystery for the Liars to solve. Or, maybe you bring one or two of the characters over to another spin-off show. This universe is so vast (remember Ravenswood?) that there is always a chance for I. Marlene King or the writers to come back and do something more if the interest is there from the cast and the producers. We already know that King is looking into doing The Perfectionists, and there’s already chatter about there being a connection between that world and the one that is already established here.

For now, our suggestion is to just enjoy the final episode of the show tonight with the reunion. After that, there could be opportunity to have some more conversation about what the future could hold for the franchise as a whole.

Would you be down for watching a Pretty Little Liars season 8 revival? Or, are you done with the franchise after the finale? Share below!

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